Mastering PES 2008 – A power-packed soccer game – Using the 4-3-3 formation


Formations are truly an important component of any soccer game and PES 2008 is no exception. Teams like Italy who play a traditionally defensive style of football employ a 4-5-1 combination, whereas Brazil employs a free-scoring 4-3-3, sometimes going into 3-3-4. With the PES 2008, you would do well to understand the different formations, and most importantly, use some of these formations to improve your playing strength. One of the most potent combinations is the 4-3-3 formation, which needs to be talked about in some detail.

The 4-3-3

Most football fans would agree that the best formation is the one that scores most goals. However, one of the tricky situations players face when employing the universally accepted 4-3-3 option is the difficulty in passing from the defense to the midfield. The passing does not, in most times, get completed due to the lack of cohesion between the defense and the midfield.

How can you overcome this? Use your full-back to pass the ball to the midfield. After doing this, use the pass button to pass the ball from midfield to an area in the forward line where you expect one of your forwards to be. Be sure that the forward player sells a double whammy to the opposition who would be smart enough to recognize this simple move.

What you should do here is with the pass button, have the forward line player pass the ball to the midfield. This allows other forward line players to come into position, and as a midfielder, you would have plenty more options to pass the ball. Earlier, you had one attacker, and now with 3 forwards moving in a wave, you could literally pass the ball to any forward who could then take a shot at the goal.

This, in essence, can also be used in the defensive 4-5-1 combination, when you have a conservative forward line but a decent center-forward who could surge ahead on getting the ball. That will be covered in the next part of the series.


One of the most potent attacking formations in modern football is 4-3-3 and PES 2008 is another proof to this. Employing this combination gives a lot of firepower to the midfield as well as the forward line. With the tricks mentioned above, you should be able to employ this combination with ease and utilize its advantages. But beware not to be caught off-guard with opponents’ counterattacks!

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