Your guide to PES 2008 – The power-packed soccer game – Long range shooting.


PES 2008 is a world-wide known computer soccer simulator with many fans around the world. Tactics are an important part of Pro Evolution Soccer and different formations were covered in previous articles (including 4-4-2 , 4-3-3 and formation changes). But you can’t win with tactics alone! And even if you have mastered heading and crossing – it can be not enough. You should always try to surprise your opposition – this time we talk about long range shots.

The Idea

Hit the opposition when they least expect it – That seems to be the objective of long range shots. When the ball is in your part of the center line, you would see the defense line coming up to trap the forward line of your team offside. You would also find that the goalkeeper is slightly ahead of his normal position. All of this leads to a perfect recipe for you to take a long range shot. But the question is: Do you have a player in your team who could do this?

The Player

Did you see how Ronaldinho beat Paul Seaman of England in the 2002 World Cup with his swirling free kick? Now, you could do that with PES 2008, and trust the opposition would be scratching their heads as your trick comes off.

First step is to choose a player who could take this long ranger after a foul on the center line. You could choose a good defender who has a habit of clearing the balls long. In other words, choose a powerful player to take this shot.

The Trick

The second step follows all the same instructions for taking a 20 meter or a 25 meter shot. The only difference here is the power you would need to give the ball. Be sure that you press the UP key, so that the power is between the halfway and 100% mark. This power would be good enough for the ball to travel 40 meters or so.

The question is will the ball swirl!? The answer is yes(!), and to do this, you do not have to do anything special. As it travels some distance, you would find that the wind will aid the ball to move up and down in the air.


This kind of a shooting tactic has been rarely employed by teams, but you can already see how effective it can be in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. Of course, this extrinsically depends on some mistakes the opposition could do, but nevertheless presents you with a bonus scoring opportunity. How many times have you been in a scoring position from the center line? With this long range shoot, you can make the center line count as well in PES08.

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