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PES 2008 Practical Tips – Heading the Ball

by: johnsinit ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Heading is a technique which is critical to any team in football. PES08 is no exception – you should master the procedure to improve your game. This can be used as a defensive technique or an offensive one at that, depending on the ball positioning.

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    PES 2008 is a world-wide known computer soccer simulator with many fans around the world. Tactics are very important part of Pro Evolution Soccer and I have different formations covered in previous articles (including 4-3-3, 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 and formation changes). But you can’t win with tactics alone! In Pro Evolution Soccer, against teams that are strong in the air, heading the ball well is important. You could use this technique from a defensive, as well as an offensive, strategy. If the ball is floated around in your penalty area, then you must head the ball to save it from crossing the goal line. Conversely, heading the ball in the opposition penalty area could fetch you a goal from corners and set pieces.

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    Heading from Field Play

    Your midfielders have done a decent job by playing the ball on to you, especially if you are playing from the forward line. Just one pass to the foremost attacker separates your team and a goal, but seeing a tall defender right in front of you could have you alter your plans drastically. You do not necessarily need to do that because you could float the ball around for the attacker to head the ball into the opposition’s goal.

    With that note, we will discuss how we could head the ball from a field play situation. Simple – Press the shift key and keep pressing the space bar so that the player could jump up from the ground to meet the ball. Be careful, as you may not want the player to jump more than the height the ball has attained. In doing this key combination, your team player would be able to head the vertical ball.

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    Diving Headers

    One of your midfielders or defense line players is marching ahead to the opposition goal and already the cross has been delivered. How could you have this player head the ball? Remember, the opposition is least expecting this player to score, because he is not one of the attackers. Press the shift and the spacebar key, and then press the left arrow key. In doing this key combination, you could have the player sweeping forward in the air to head the ball. This diving header can be really deadly if your player’s abilities are good.

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    Heading is important in any game of soccer, and while most players would wish they could head the ball, only few of them have achieved a certain degree of expertise in this. In PES2008, with this skill a part of your team’s armory, you could now look at scoring more goals.