Your guide to PES 2008 – an ultimate soccer game, Overpowering (out-ugghing) a player

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PES 2008 is a world-wide known computer soccer simulator with many fans around the world. Tactics are very important part of Pro Evolution Soccer and different formations covered in previous articles (including formation changes). But you can’t win with tactics alone! And even if you have mastered heading and crossing – it can be not enough. The best formations can be often gone astray when the opposition has players who are 6-foot something. In normal circumstances, you could still be playing a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 combination, but all of that could be neutralized by the physical superiority of the opponents’ defense. Since they are good in the air as well, you could find some problems lobbing the ball to your players. In such cases, overpowering (or, as PES players call it “out-ugghing”) your opponents’ could be the decisive part of the game.

The Trick

The simple solution to this problem would be in choosing players with the best attributes. It is not necessary that you pack your team with physical demons, but you would do well to pack your team with all reds who are in the top of their form. Never pick a guy in your team who has a green or a purple arrow, as these guys can easily be bumped over by your opponents.

In most circumstances, you would find that swift movers in the field often escape the punishment of these big demons. Does that give you a hint? It does, so get to choosing players who move around in the field well. Players who sell good dummies can also be good favorites to beat these big players at their game. Basically, a strong defense tries to whittle down players with their rough play, but by pressing the ‘5’ key two times as a physically strong player approaches you, you can easily shrug off the possible attack on you.

Useful Tactics - Formation

By using a 4-3-2-1 formation, you could easily outfox your opponents’ thought of ‘murdering’ you with their rough tackles. The one frontline forward though would need to be physically strong, who would face up to the tackles of the opposition, and you would still have two relatively unmarked men in attacking positions.


Facing up physically strong opponents is a tough ask. Only if you focus on getting players with the right attributes, and of course, getting the right formation you will prevail in the game. Keep doing both these things and you would note that effect of the physical demons of the opposition is greatly neutralized.

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