Mastering PES 2008 soccer game - Taking penalty kicks

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PES 2008 is a world-wide known computer soccer simulator with many fans around the world. The game gives you numerous scoring opportunities – for instance using long range shots as well as heading from crosses. Taking penalty kicks is something PES players hardly ever practice. After all, it does seem to be a rather easy task for most teams. No defenders, no tacklers, no tactics required – a close range, wide spaces of open goal and only the goalkeeper to beat! Really, it seems to be the easiest task in football… But many times you see forwards miss it - one of the heaviest embarrassments in a game of soccer! PES 2008 provides you the chance to score penalties – as well as miss them. What do you prefer?

Taking the penalty kick

Oliver Kahn, the goalkeeper of Germany stood up to take a penalty kick for his team. With a reason, because he was the best penalty taker in his team, and he could have been the one player who could have scored a goal for his team! And score he did!

In PES2008 as in real life, step 1 in taking good penalty kicks is to choose a player, who is essentially a striker. People like Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Michael Ballack and many others hardly ever miss a penalty. Time and again, you could throw a surprise by asking your key defender to take the penalty.

Where to shoot?

This is a tricky affair because at most times you will find that the opposition goalkeeper would have done their bit of research on your shooting skills. With that being said, shooting down the middle is often considered to be the safest goal scoring option. With the goalie guessing all the while if you would be going left or right, you could mislead him by sending the ball high and right in the middle of the net.

Only a few goalkeepers in PES 2008 have been able to deal with this penalty kick. And given enough power – you are almost sure to score. But beware – you might shoot the ball over the bar if you hold the shooting-key for too long…


Not many Pro Evolution Soccer players pay enough attention to scoring goals through penalty kicks. In essence, this is one of the simplest methods on how to add some more goals to a player’s tally. But you have to know the tricks – don’t just take the shot low and to the right or left.

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