Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Tailoring Guide

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Tailoring Guide
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Clothes Fit For A King

There are a variety of tradecrafts in Perfect World Entertainments immensely popular MMORPG based on the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. The game takes a slightly more realistic approach to the historic Chinese events and revolves mostly around the story that follows after the great battle at Red Cliff. To aid players in completing the story are a number of crafting abilities to either make or sell useful items that range from healing supplies made from herbs or weapons crafted through blacksmithing skills.

This Heroes of the Three Kingdoms tailoring guide focuses on the tailoring skills players can learn early on that help in crafting useful armor pieces. And by early on, I mean that players can potentially learn tailoring skills as soon as level 8, just after leaving the newbie village of Taoyun.

Learning How To Sew

Meeting with the tailoring NPC

Before being able to craft anything in the tailoring section of the craft production window, you’ll need to learn the basic recipes first. These can be obtained by completing a basic series of newbie tailoring quests from the NPC in Deng Village. The NPC is close by the blacksmithing NPC and her name is Tailor Nie. You’ll need to click on ‘Quest Related’ to learn what basic tools and crafting materials you’ll need in order to begin the process of making your very own armor and armor accessories.

To get started in making something simple, you’ll need a few sewing skills to make the materials necessary for crafting armor. This includes flax and cotton as well as a few recipes for crafting armor. If you talk to Tailor Nie you can acquire basic recipes for a number of newbie armor items for both males and females.

Flax And Cotton

Production craft window

To make some basic cotton armor you’ll need one flax from the sewing category and a blunt needle. You can purchase most secondary items such as needles from the crafting NPC that specializes in that production craft. So needles and spindles will only be sold from tailoring NPCs in each town. The flax comes from combining a spindle and three coarse twine. Twine can be acquired from a number of places, but mostly from grinding on mobs. To most players the twine will seem like a trash item but for tailors-in-training the twine is an excellent way to save money while advancing one’s crafting abilities.

Cotton Armor For The Win

Crafting cotton armor

After making one flax and purchasing a blunt needle it’s time to crafting some cotton armor. Press ‘P’ and click on the tailoring tab at the top of the production window and on the left side of the window you should see a list of items that you can craft within your level. The first item in the drop-down window for either male or female armor is Cotton Armor. Click on it and then click on ‘Insert best materials’ to add the necessary items to the crafting menu. If you have all the necessary instruments you can click on the ‘Produce’ button to acquire your very first, player-crafted armor.

Higher Grade Equipment Comes From Higher Grade Mats

Leather armor requires higher quality items

Like most games that offer any sort of crafting options, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms craft mechanic varies to the grade of the item not on level. In other words, if you want good items you’ll have to grind for the right material.

Certain mobs will drop higher quality items than others and so it’s important to hang on to any high grade mats that can potentially be used to upscale item quality when crafting. You can click on the item in the production crafting window to check the various grades of each item. Green crafting materials means that the item will be a special uncommon item and blue means that it’s very rare. The more material items you have that are uncommon or rare the higher the chance you have of crafting an uncommon or rare item. However, it may take a few tries.

Where To Find What You Need

Time to grind to get these items

Even if you have some of the basic material for crafting cloth or leather items, you’ll probably want to know a few good places on where to get higher grade mats to craft items worth wearing or worth selling.

Take note that most tailoring equipment drops from human mobs, such as twine, fine twine or coarse twine. If you venture beyond Hebei or the Chuguan path you’ll find that NPCs such as the Eastplain Horsemen or similar NPCs will drop higher quality mats for crafting.

Uncommon or rare items will usually last you anywhere between 5 and 10 levels, depending on their grade and if you decide to upgrade them using the artistry craft.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide to tailoring helped explain some of the basics of crafting armor and armor accessories in Perfect World Entertainment’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

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