Red Cliff MMO (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) Beginner Walkthrough

Red Cliff MMO (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) Beginner Walkthrough
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The Battle At Red Cliff

For those of you who don’t know, Red Cliff Online is a movie-based MMO. Much like the historical action movie of the same name that was directed by John Woo, Red Cliff follows the story progression and development of player characters leading up to the involvement of defining the Wu, Wei and Shu dynasties through the battle of Red Cliff (also known as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms). It’s an epic storytelling MMORPG that contains some awesome features, such as a revamped combat system that allows players to counter-attack and block as well as evolve their character and profession separately with a two-tier leveling system. That’s not to mention that the game sports mounted combat, commander-controls for giving NPCs and players orders and a very easy-to-use crafting system.

Now, it’s really tough to get stuck on a game like Red Cliff Online because it’s so easily streamlined with its quests, item retrieval and leveling process. The only thing gamers may need is a few hints on where to go or what tactics to employ when questing, leveling or grinding.

Tips For Getting Started

The game offers great spots to sit and relax

As mentioned in the first section, it’s quite easy getting acquainted with Red Cliff’s playing system. The quests are setup so that all related items and NPCs can be auto-traveled to simply by clicking on the appropriate name. Added to this, level-related quests are also logged so if players miss a quest a reminder will pop up after logging in showing what quests are available for completion.

The combat system is also quite easy to learn and master. Much like a lot of newer MMOs, such as Allods Online, it’s required to actually face an opponent in order to start or continue an attack. This is pivotal for PvP because someone who strategically advances around or keeps out of an opponent’s sight can ultimately prevent the other player from effectively hitting them. The other neat part is that the same applies for fighting NPCs as well.

Keep in mind that a lot of cool stuff that can be encountered in Red Cliff usually does not become accessible until after reaching level 20. This includes gaining access to a mount, getting your military weapon class up to level 9 as well as being able to utilize certain crafting professions.

Leveling And Military Leveling Explained

Archers can take down foes easily at a distance

The game uses a two-tiered leveling mechanic that allows players to accumulate experience and spend it either on leveling their character or leveling their military profession. The upside to leveling one’s character is that per every level new quests and activities become available, as well as gaining access to new weapons and crafting upgrades.

Leveling up one’s military class/profession allows players to rack up skill points that can be distributed into new skills or to upgrade existing skills. It also increases damage and defenses with the player’s weapon. It’s important to find a balance on when to use experience points to upgrade one’s profession as opposed to upgrading a character’s level.

A better way to look at it is that in Red Cliff, many of the quests involve traveling around so it would probably be more beneficial to use the experience to get to level 20 as fast as possible in order to acquire a horse and then use any experience gained afterward to unlock new abilities and skills within a chosen profession.

Keeping Crafting Simple

Cooking up some herbs and spices

One of the highlights of Red Cliff is that unlike a lot of other MMOs that throw gamers out there to find out how to craft on their own, such as NIDA Online, Red Cliff actually holds players by the hand and gives them a step-by-step walkthrough of each and every crafting and supplying profession throughout the progress of the game.

Each of these quests can be picked up as players level-up, so it’s important in each town to look for NPCs that give out quests teaching how to fish, blacksmith, disassemble and add special runes to armor or weapons.

Cooking and herbalism are two of professions taught to players early on in the game and aren’t bad to keep handy for making food and healing ointments for wounds. These two are also essential for avoiding paying for food or health supplies.

Another neat thing about the crafting is that there are no restrictions on how many crafting professions a player can take on. So learn as much as possible from each crafter and be sure to upgrade the tradecraft that best suits what you want out of your character’s crafting abilities.

If A Quest Is Too Hard, Get A Few Levels

There’s no shame in running…sort of

Take note that some quests in Red Cliff cannot be completed in the game (such as items or quest NPCs not showing up) until the player has reached a specific level. If you find yourself stuck on a quest and unable to finish it, don’t sweat it. Just complete a few other quests and then head back to the one you were stuck on at a later level (most of them work in intervals of five, so if an item or quest NPC is unavailable at level 10 try again at level 15 or level 20).

Keeping track of reputation is also important, as a character levels and gains reputation with specific factions, groups or towns, new titles become available for players to use. These titles are extremely important as they grant additional bonuses to a character that range from attack or defense increases, to HP and EXP bonuses. The more quests completed within a specific region will unlock useful titles that can be equipped from within the title tab of the character menu

Battlefields And PvP

It’s time to head to the battlefield…

The key to PvP for most of the classes resides in the ability to block. It’s a skill that’s there for a reason and one that players earn early on in the game. It’s a real game-changer that, when used correctly, can actually allow a single player to defeat a boss one-on-one. Yeah, blocking is that cool. Blocking also applies in an equal manner for PvP against other players, and this feature stands out more and more as players get stronger. Before engaging in any of the territory wars it might be best to dual other players for fun to practice your PvP skills and get a feel for how you might want to continue to develop your character.

In addition to working out the PvP skills there’s also the Battlefield instances that become available at around level 15. There are always special requirements for participating in Battlefield instances, either ranging from gathering an item for the Battlefield manager or paying a certain fee to participate. There are pretty good rewards and experience available for those who manage to complete or succeed in a Battlefield instance and it’s something that’s best done with a group of other players. Battlefields only open at certain times during the day so if you’re planning on participating be sure to scout the times first and acquire the necessary items to bring with you to the instance.

For more information on Red Cliff Online be sure to visit the Official Website.