Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Cooking Guide

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Cooking Guide
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Cooking For A Kingdom

One of the most anticipated MMOs of 2010 is Perfect World Entertainment’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. It’s not just anticipated for its campaign-based PvP scenarios or its dynamic fighting and combat system, but for a combination of things, including a very extensive tradecraft system, which includes cooking. The basics of cooking in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms consist of a few basic materials and the requirement of recipes. The good part is that most of the recipes are easily attainable from beginner cooking NPCs.

Unlike a lot of other MMOs out there that require lots of material or items in order to make simple meals, things are just the opposite in this game. This Heroes of the Three Kingdoms cooking guide will help inform and enlighten you about what you can make and where to find some of the ingredients.

Learning How To Cook

Gathering supplies for tea-making

You’ll first learn how to cook after leaving Taoyuan village and heading slightly south to a small village checkpoint called the Qingliang Garrison. At this village an NPC named Chef Pan will have a couple of low-level missions available for you to complete that will enable you to learn the cooking craft as well as a few recipes to help get you started in making food and tea to help replenish your health and energy.

The tutorial missions will keep you within the Garrison and will require you to bring a specific amount of supplies to the NPC for completion.

Making Your Very First Dish

Applying the ingredients for cooking

The very first mission in cooking includes making a Weasel Bun. This is achieved by adding one jackal leg and one pinch of lake salt to the crafting menu. In order to do this, press the default crafting window button (usually the letter ‘P’) and when the menu pops up click on the ‘Cooking’ tab from the crafting window to pull up the cooking options.

You can only make the items that are available to you from the recipe menu. So before getting started make sure you talk to Chef Pan and acquire the free recipes from the chat menu before proceeding.

To make this go by faster simply click on the “Use Best Materials” button in the crafting window after selecting the Bun from the left side of the crafting window. This will add the necessary ingredients from your backpack into the window on the right side where the ingredients pop up. Depending on how many ingredients you have will determine how many meals you’ll be able to make. Once the selected meal has the appropriate ingredients added click on the ‘Craft’ button to make the meal.

Cooking As A Tradecraft

A slightly more advanced recipe

Much like a lot of other games out there (Perfect World or Ran Online for example) where cooking is an essential trade for parties, solo adventurers or just to keep your own toon healthy and alive, the cooking craft in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms (or Red Cliff for those of you who play the Cubizone edition) is somewhat essential for later in-game use.

The best way to level it up is to gather up supplies in order to make simple dishes. Many of the basic cooking craft recipes can be accomplished with basic items that drop from animal mobs. However, other ingredients for making higher level teas or meals must be scavenged from various areas around the game world.

One way of acquiring what you’re looking for is checking the consignment or auction house to see if the ingredients you need to make your food/tea is available. You can level up your cooking tradecraft just like the other crafts in the game by getting it to level 15 in order to open up new recipes or make higher level versions of foods already in your recipe book.

Cooking As A Secondary Craft

Grinding mobs for cooking ingredients

Considering that there are no limits in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms on how many different tradecrafts a single player can have in the game, there’s no reason not to level up your cooking just enough for it to prove to be useful.

Oftentimes when traveling alone out in dangerous or foreign territories it can be difficult coming across appropriate healing supplies or energy supplicants. The best alternative – of course, aside from purchasing a lot of supplies and stocking up before setting out from a major town – is to cook your own food using whatever you scavenge from around the area. Much like Fallen Earth or Mortal Online, it’s possible to make good use of the surrounding environment by taking whatever the mobs drop and making any item you can to help replenish health.

The best recipes to keep on hand for these kind of occasions are teas and breads that you can easily make from a supple amount of easy-to-scavenge material, such as Tianqi Ginseng or Ox Bezoar.

You can learn more about Heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the crafting system by visiting the Official Website. For more MMO guides and walkthroughs for your favorite games be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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