Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Blacksmith Guide

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Blacksmith Guide
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Grinding Iron

Perfect World Entertainment’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms features an eclectic set of crafting tools and possibilities. Much like PWE’s other globally popular MMO, Perfect World Online, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms allows players to learn tradecrafts early on in the game. And by early on in the game, I mean that players can learn important crafting skills as low as level 8, which is right at the beginning of the game.

Learning how to craft your very own weapons and upgrade them plays a significant part in the game and you can learn how in this Heroes of the Three Kingdoms blacksmithing guide.

Learning How To Blacksmith

Mining copper ore for blacksmithing

After starting the game and doing the basic starter quests in Taoyuan village, you’ll be lead to a small outpost just past the village’s entrance called the Qingliang Garrison. Here you’ll learn a few basic tradecraft skills including cooking and mining. Blacksmithing, however, comes a little bit after the Garrison at a checkpoint called Deng Village.

You’ll need to talk to the NPC Smith Pang to accept his quest for learning the blacksmithing trade. The quest will see players acquiring copper ore and charcoal in order to make a cooper bar for the first item to craft.

You can acquire copper ore from just about anywhere in the game world so long as you have a mining pick with you. Just look for the sparkling copper piles littered through the pastures and fields and you’ll be able to gather it up for use with blacksmithing.

The charcoal is a little tougher to come across so the next best thing to do if you aren’t able to find any on your own is to buy some from the blacksmith.

Making Items Worth Using

Copper ore and charcoal are essential

The first item you make should be something you can use. Early on in the game it’s important to have a usable weapon that will last you for a couple of levels. To craft a low-level, beginner’s weapon simply press ‘P’ to open the crafting window. First craft a copper ingot in the Forging section of Blacksmithing by combining copper ore and charcoal.

Next, purchase fine sand from the NPC and be sure to learn the recipes for crafting basic weapons so that in your blacksmithing crafting list you’ll have a fair selection of items to craft. It’s probably best to select the weapon that you’re using (because otherwise the only other use of crafting a weapon would be to sell it for a few extra copper).

Click on “Use Best Materials” from the crafting window and then press “Craft” to make your very first weapon. These weapons can also be upgraded for prolonged use, which really comes in handy for saving yourself the expense of buying new equipment.

The Advantages of Forging And Weapon Crafting

Learning a new crafting recipe

Just because you want to get into blacksmithing doesn’t mean you’ll only be required to make weapons. In fact, every crafting section in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms has two tradecraft branches, one for supplying and the other for actually crafting. In the case of cooking, it breaks down into health based items and energy based items.

For blacksmithing, the categories include Forging and Weapons. In the former category the option is available to simply craft ingots and supply materials for blacksmithing, where-is the remaining sections in blacksmithing are reserved for crafting various leveled weapons.

Considering that many crafters need ingot supplies it’s not a bad idea to get into the marketplace of simply auctioning or consigning blacksmith supplies such as brass, iron or copper ingots to other players. This alone can be a very lucrative alternative for making a little extra gold in the game.

Crafting High Grade Equipment At A Low Level

Using a brand new crafted staff

Much like any other MMO out there, there’s the option to craft rare and specialty items based on the probability of the material grade. In other words, if you have high grade material from a rare drop or whatnot, when making the supplies for the items you plan to make, there’s a higher chance that the item could turn out to be rare or of a high grade.

If you focus on Forging, then try forging high grade ingots, which will sell rather quickly. If you focus on crafting weapons, then use the rare material wisely to craft in-demand items. Your blacksmithing will also level faster if you make higher grade items, so scavenging for material isn’t a bad pastime in the game if you plan on leveling up your blacksmithing tradecraft.

After reaching level 34 and leveling up your smithing accordingly, you will be eligible to learn advanced blacksmithing from Pu Yuan at the Chang’An station. However, if you’re still under level 24 then you have a ways to go before making the advanced stuff.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide to blacksmithing in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms was somewhat helpful in getting started with crafting weapons in the game. For more guides and walkthroughs of popular MMOs be sure to check them out here at Bright Hub.

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