Perfect World MMORPG Review and Game Play: The Races and back story of Perfect World

Perfect World MMORPG Review and Game Play: The Races and back story of Perfect World
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Perfect World Back Story

After Pan Gu, the first God of the universe became bored with his immortal life; he decomposed his body to make the five elements of earth, metal, fire, water and wood. He then created a foundation for a new world making mountains, air, oceans and plant life. From his shadow, he made sentinel beings, that unfortunately were uncivilized and began corrupting this world.

Pan Gu distressed by this imperfect world, created a new one and destroyed the old world. On this new world he created three races, the Humans, the Untamed and the Winged Elves. Conflicts occurred between the Humans and the Winged Elves over the beautiful city Heaven

’s Tear, while the Untamed remained neutral.

War was not the biggest concern however. The creatures that were thought to be destroyed from the old world survived in an undead form. They were known as Wraiths and they had the ability to possess other living things and their only goal was to destroy the other races and corrupt the new world. Humans, Untamed and Winged Elves must put their differences aside to protect their perfect world from the evil Wraiths.

Perfect World Races

When gamers enter Perfect World they must choose their alliance/race. An additional human race has been added, known as Tideborn as well as two new classes. Perfect World races are:

Perfect World Untamed Race

  • Humans – Champions of morality and social grace. Career choices include Blade Master and Wizard.
  • Tideborn – Dominators of vast ocean domains, Tideborns can transform into fish. Career choices include Assassins and Psychics.
  • Untamed – Evolved from beasts the Untamed can transform into tigers (Barbarian) and foxes (Venomancer). Career choices include Barbarian and Venomancer.
  • Winged Elves – Winged Elves are graceful with a divine bloodline and wings. Career choices include Archer and Cleric.

The Winged Elves are the only Perfect World race that can fly at level 1, however flight costs mana. At level 30 all races can fly with aerocrafts/wings with no mana cost for any race.

Perfect World Classes

Class choices are based on the race players choose to play. Perfect World classes available are:

  • Archer – Weapons available include bows, crossbows and slingshots.
  • Assassin – Weapon available are daggers.
  • Barbarian – Weapons available include axes, poleaxes, hammers and polehammers.
  • Blade Master – Weapons available include axes, hammers, blades and swords.
  • Cleric – Weapons available include wands, magic swords, patakas and glaives.
  • Psychics - Weapon available are soulspheres.
  • Venomancer - Weapons available include wands, magic swords, patakas and glaives.
  • Wizard - Weapons available include wands, magic swords, patakas and glaives.

Perfect World Game Play

Perfect World Game Play

Perfect World game play offers several battle modes including PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player). Both PvE and PvP servers are available but there is PvP available on both types of server.

Between levels 1-29 there is no PvP and players are safe from attack by other players on both types of servers.

From level 30 onwards on the PvP server, players are flagged for PvP and only cities will be safe. On PvE servers at level 30 upwards, players can select to battle in PvP, so they don’t have to participate in PvP if they don’t want to. They will however have to PvP if they enter certain areas during Territory Wars.

Perfect World Review

First impressions of this game are that it is a visually stunning world with extensive character creation. After choosing a race and class, players select hair style, hair color, body size, skin color and even ear and eye shape to create a fairly unique looking character.

Perfect World Character Creation

Spells are visually appealing and quests are fun enough and can be tracked on screen. An ever so cute Genie that follows you around can be purchased for 100 coins or received as a quest rewards at level 4. The Genie gives extra vitality, dexterity, strength or magic depending on the Genie purchased/received.

Overall, Perfect World is a pretty decent MMO and is worth a look while waiting for the upcoming MMORPG by the same developers Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Perfect World is free to play, however, gamers can purchase ZEN using real money to buy in-game items such as cosmetic enhancements, mounts, pets and accessories.