Perfect World Venomancer Class: Venomancer Skills and Abilities and Getting from Level 1-10

Perfect World Venomancer Class: Venomancer Skills and Abilities and Getting from Level 1-10
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Perfect World Venomancer Class

Perfect World is a fantasy MMO that offers stunning graphics and good character creation as well as both PvP and PvE servers and a choice of 4 races and 8 classes. The Venomancer class is a pet taming class. Only the females of the Untamed race can become Venomancers. The Venomancer is evolved from beasts such as foxes, snakes and other crafty vermin and so have animal ears and a tail and the ability to turn into a fox.

Venomancer Skills and Game Play

The Venomancer is a good class to solo because Venomancer players receive a pet at level 3 after completing a quest given by the pet skills trainer. Choices of pet at this level are Wofling or Scorpion. If players choose Wofling for example, they will be required to kill Wolflings until a certificate drops. After turning in this certificate to the NPC, players will receive their pet. The Pet Trainer will advise players on the importance of caring for their pet (eg: feeding), to increase its loyalty. Pet’s loyalty will affect its attacks and how quickly it earns XP (experience). Venomancers can also train in pet skills such as ‘Heal Pet’ from these trainers.

The Venomancer’s pet works like a personal tank while the Venomancer uses poison magical damage to finish off enemies. It is also good for taking on more than one enemy as both the Venomancer and the pet deal a decent amount of damage. Using their pet, the Venomancer is capable of killing more powerful enemies than many other classes can by themselves. The Venomancer can also transform into a fox, which increases her accuracy and physical defense. Venomancer weapon choices include wands, magic swords, glaives and patakas.

Leveling Your Venomancer: Level 1-10 Quests

Here is a list of quests that a young Venomancer will be able to complete to reach level ten quite quickly:

  • Supply Stash

  • New But Not Bad

  • First Time to the City

    Questing in Perfect World

  • The Untamed Stand: Knowing the Village

  • The Trainer’s Summons

  • Wofling (or scorpion) Quest

  • Offering Help: A Corpse Candle Case

  • Initiative

  • The Birth of New Age (Reward is a cute Genie that increases certain stats, eg: Vitality)

  • The Beloved Daughter

  • Flight Together

  • Learn production Skills

  • The Largest Pet Bag/ The Largest Inventory/ The Largest Sale

  • Errand – Cupboard Slot

  • Expensive Parchment

  • Turtle Shell Armor

    Secret World Personal Genie

  • Broken Bridge Village

  • Charm Design

  • Every Second Counts

  • Sacred Beast

  • Amazing Black Oil

  • Yummy Soup

  • Stolen Horseshoes

  • Plans for Battle

  • Nothing in the Way

  • Spiritual Cultivation

  • Broken Kite

Venomancers are fast levelers because with their pet they do almost double the damage of most other classes. They are also a good class for making money because they can kill things of higher level, including many bosses without the need for a group. The Venomancer is a fun class to play if you enjoy a bit of soloing and having a pet to do your bidding. You may also be interested in Camon Hero another upcoming MMORPG.