Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International - What are the Human and Tiger Forms?

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International - What are the Human and Tiger Forms?
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What Is The Barbarian?

The first section of this Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International is understanding what a Barbarian is.

He is a strong force to reckon with. He uses different weapons specifically designed to aid and enhance his abilities.

The Barbarian uses his melee capabilities to kill his enemies and successfully complete quests while playing solo.

When in a group, he can use his high health and defensive abilities to protect his teammates and become a successful tank.

It is important to note that there are two different forms the Barbarian can use.

The first of which is the human, primarily used for leveling and solo play.

The other form is the tiger form, which offers increased health and defense at the cost of damage.

This form is primarily to used for tanking and group play, as a way to hold the monsters off of your allies while not faltering from their attacks.

The Barbarian is a fun class to play after progressing through a few levels; however, it can be very boring at first.

In order to make the leveling process more enjoyable, it is recommended that you quest with a friend. A class that is damage per second or healing would compliment the Barbarian well.

Barbarian Tiger Form

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

One important aspect to cover in this Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International is the Tiger form. This form is primarily meant for tanking. This form provides the Barbarian with increased health and attack speed, along with Tiger specific abilities that get and keep aggro.

While the Barbarian does enjoy increased health and speed, the damage they are able to omit is significantly reduced.

It may take longer to kill enemies by yourself in this form, but there is no question that you will manage multiple enemies at once.

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

Even though the Tiger form is meant for tanking in groups, it can be used at all times. In fact, many enjoy playing as a Tiger because they live longer and can handle more than one enemy at a time.

If you plan on using the Tiger form at all times, ensure you spend your Spirit on Tiger specific abilities to maximize your potential.

Barbarian Human Form

Unlike the Tiger form, the Human form provides the Barbarian with increased damage. Of course, armor and health is lowered while in this form.

The Barbarian already has significant amounts of health and armor though, meaning that losing such qualities is not too big of a deal.

The Human form can help you level at an enhanced rate, and is the perfect solution if questing by yourself or grinding in Perfect World.

In terms of grouping, the Human form is an excellent form to be in if there are multiple Barbarians within the group. If this is the case, the Barbarian in Human form can act efficiently as a backup Barbarian dealing damage.

Also, this form can be used for PvP combat; unless you have trained more towards Tiger specific abilities.

PvE Tips & Strategies

In PvE, the Barbarian is not a very good solo class; at least initially.

It can be extremely difficult to level and quite challenging to defeat other enemies while in the first ten to thirty levels.

This is because the Barbarian is primarily meant as a tanking class for groups.

While he excels at this task, soloing and leveling at a quick rate is an entirely different story.

To ensure you level quicker and get some momentum, there are a few different tactics you can employ to make the PvE process easier.

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

First, consider purchasing some Charms that restore your health and mana when you get below a certain percent. This way, you can grind and take on multiple enemies at a time.

Additionally, you can group with another player that is specifically designed for damage per second, or a healing support class. This way, you can burn enemies faster while also keeping attention off of your friends.

Although Experience and Spirit will be shared, you will be able to complete the

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

quests faster and kill monsters at an increased rate.

The partner you group with will also aid from the group; especially if it is a low-armored Cleric or Psychic. Even a Venomancer could benefit from your aid.

PvP Tips & Strategies

While PvE is an essential part of playing the Barbarian, PvP is a completely optional activity to participate in. That is, if you are on a PvE Server. For those on a PvP Server, you should be prepared to fight other players.

To excel at PvP, you need to rely on your enhanced armor and health. Melee classes will have difficulties taking you down with loads of armor, and the large quantity of health you have will keep you standing.

The greatest enemy you have is a spell-caster. These players can burn your life away at rapid rates from far distances; making them very hard to kill.

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

In PvP, you should aim to do a few different things. First, you will want to kill spell-casters as soon as possible. Do not wait until they are targeting you.

If they are killing another player or an ally, immediately attack them and halt their spells before they redirect their efforts to you.

Additionally, try to kill healers. While you are not meant as a damage per second class, your melee abilities will be able to crush those classes that wear insufficient armor; such as Clerics or Psychics.

One last recommendation, always try to keep the attention off of your allies.

Although you are primarily a tank in PvE, if you can redirect the attention from allies to you; the opponent will fall much quicker with spell-casters uninterrupted and melee damage per second classes staying alive.

The First Ten Barbarian Levels

The first ten levels really identify the weaknesses and strengths of the Barbarian.

It is common for many individuals to give up within the first ten levels because they experience difficulties when trying to level.

This is due to the fact that the Barbarian has low damage output, and is often considered a boring class. Note that this is just a temporary phase.

While the Barbarian may not be the most enjoyable class within these first few levels, it will become much more powerful as time goes on.

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

To make the most out of these first levels, there are a few simple tips you can utilize.

First and foremost, make it fun. Find a way to make the leveling process as fun as you possibly can.

Perhaps that means buying Fashion from the Boutique for your new Barbarian, grouping with a real friend or an in-game companion, or possibly purchasing Charms so that you never run out of health.

Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

These are simple and effective ways to make the leveling procedure fun and productive for the first ten levels.

Additionally, find something to work towards and motivate you. Mounts are available as soon as you reach level twenty, and as such, this is an excellent goal to motive you.

As long as you have something that makes it fun and interesting, you will be able to excel at leveling.

Remember, the first ten to thirty levels are by far the worst. Be patient, and once you get past this part, it is all smooth sailing.

Ending Our Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International

Though the Barbarian is an interesting class to play, it is certainly difficult. The hardest part is finding a productive way to level and progress through the game.

Soloing is initially tough, and when accuracy is poor, it can be quite difficult to kill enemies. Bear in mind that the first few levels are the worst, and things will eventually get better.

Once you have the opportunity to tank, there is no question that you will be pleased with the Barbarian class.

The Barbarian Guide: Perfect World International had two main goals. The first of which was to teach you the basics and general information about this class.

Using this information, you should be able to master the basics and find equipment specific to you.

The second goal was to provide you with tips and suggestions from a personal perspective to excel at each element of the game.

Naturally, if you have other ideas and recommendations, please feel free to write a comment.