Perfect World International Gameplay: Solo Questing and PvE

Perfect World International Gameplay: Solo Questing and PvE
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Solo Player Vs. Environment

This is by far the prevalent Perfect World International Gameplay.

You can travel around the world and fight different monsters while completing certain quests.

Every single zone within Perfect World has a variety of different monsters and quests that provide both Experience and Spirit.

Valuable armor and items are provided as rewards too.

Participating can be done both alone and in groups. Of course, the beneficial aspect of going

Solo is the fact that you have all rewards, Experience, and Spirit.

Another strong beneficial point is the fact that you progress at your own speed and do what you want when you want. You do not need to actively consult another team member to determine which activity or quest you are going to do.

While there are positives, it can be harder to stay alive by yourself than it would be in a group. This is especially true when you become level 15 or so.

In order to truly excel at solo PvE, you absolutely must consider buying potions

Perfect World International Solo Gameplay

or purchasing a restoring charm from the Boutique.

If you do this, you will be able to continue through battle after battle without resting. This makes questing easier, but really benefits grinding if you opt to participate in that.

You can get as many as five monsters attacking you at once, and never run out of health as long as you have a full restoring charm.

Group Player Vs. Environment

Perfect World International Group Gameplay

This is essentially the same as Solo PvE; however, performing PvE within a group has a few different benefits that you can enjoy.

First off, you no longer need to worry about getting lonely or accidentally getting yourself killed. Questing and killing monsters is far easier when two or more people are working cooperatively together.

This is especially true if one of you are a healer.

Another beneficial aspect about this Perfect World International Gameplay is the

Perfect World International Gameplay Concept Art

fact that you will not need to purchase Boutique items.

Although they will help, they are not as imperative to have as if you were to solo. Potions will do the trick in groups.

On the down side, all Experience and Spirit earned through killing monsters is shared. Because of this, the rate at which you progress and acquire levels is drastically slowed.

If you are grouping in large quantities, it is best to complete quests; as this is

Perfect World International Gameplay

where the majority of your Spirit will come from.

Be forewarned and prepared to level at a significantly lower rate than if you were to solo such quests and monster kills.

All equipment drops will be shared amongst group members too. Although this is a fun and interesting way to play Perfect World, it does come at a price to proceed; as one can see.

Be patient, have fun, and this can be an extremely fun way to play Perfect World.

Player Vs. Player Gameplay

In addition to the abundance of Player Vs. Environment an individual can participate in, Player Vs. Player is also present within Perfect World International.

While this is a challenging and enjoyable Perfect World International Gameplay, there are a few important notes you should take.

First off, realize that Player Killing Mode - more commonly known as PK Mode - is not permitted for any player that is below level 30; regardless of server type.

Once a player hits level 30 though, PK Mode becomes an imperative part of the game to understand.

Perfect World International PvP Gameplay

For those on a PvE Server, PK Mode is completely controllable. You can turn it on or off to avoid confrontations and enjoy playing in a peaceful manner.

For others on a PvP Server, PK Mode is automatically activated once you reach level 30. This means anyone at anytime can attack you, and PK Mode cannot be turned off.

While anyone on a PvP Server is fair game to attack, name coloring usually signifies whether an individual is a threat or not. When PK Mode is turned on within a PvE Server, the same coloring system applies.

Perfect World International PvP Gameplay

Name colors and their significance include:

Blue: The player is shielded and not active in PK Mode. No other player is able to attack this individual. This applies to PvE Servers, and within cities on PvP Servers.

White: The player has entered PK Mode, either manually or automatically by server. Although eligible for kill, the individual has not killed any other players yet.

Pink: The player has entered PK Mode and attacked other players. This individual will be a worthy competitor for others, with drops and experience awarded.

Perfect World International PvP Gameplay Improvements

Red: This player has killed many individuals within PK Mode. He or she is fierce and competitor, and careful strategies should be employed to defeat him or her. Items will drop from an individual in red PK Mode.

To survive in PK Mode, it is often recommended that you purchase valuable items from the Boutique. Look for items that prevent you from losing the Experience you have acquired, such as the Guardian Angel.

Additionally, Charms that restore health or mana upon a certain percent depletion will make you near invulnerable.

Territory Wars

Perfect World International Gameplay

Another Perfect World International Gameplay within the game involves Territory Wars. This is an interesting concept, which has proven to be highly entertaining.

In Territory Wars, players within guilds can attack Neutral or Occupied territories in an attempt to acquire land and fortify the rule they have over the world.

There is some important information that you should know about this Gameplay. First off, guilds can only attack one territory per week.

To attack a territory, a person within the guild places a bid on the territory with a

Perfect World International Gameplay

Battle Coordinator. The guild that has the highest bid will continue on to the actual battle.

The battle portion of acquiring a territory involves one of two scenarios. If the territory is not occupied and classified as a Neutral territory, then all the guild has to do is defeat the monsters before the time runs out. Once that is done, the guild will acquire the territory and defend it from other guilds.

The other scenario is if a guild already owns the territory. In this situation, two

Perfect World International Gameplay

bases will be on the map. One is for the defending guild, and the other is for the attacking guild.

The territory is won when the defending guild’s base is destroyed, and likewise, the territory is defended when the attacking guild’s base is defeated.

One a guild has acquired a territory, it will only be able to progress and gather new territories beside it. This is an interesting type of global conflict, and certainly provides hours of enjoyment.

Class Specific Gameplay Tips

With so many different options in Perfect World International, it can often be easy to excel in one gameplay while falter in another.

Below are some tips and suggestions for each class when trying to play each of these gameplays.


In terms of PvE, your best option is to either team up with someone else to level quicker, or focus your points and equipment on enhancing your magical attack abilities.

When in groups, make sure you heal others while offering some damage support. In PvP, you can either heal or damage; but most players will expect you to heal.

Perfect World International Classes


For PvE, an archer will want to use excellent weaponry and equipment that builds his or her damage. This way, you can get the enemy target down before it even arrives. Make sure you keep your distance from enemies.

When in PvP, much of the same rules apply. Try to keep your distance and unleash all of your abilities on the enemy player. It is also a great idea to support other players.

Perfect World International Classes


In PvE, you may want to team up with another player that can provide heals or damage per second. This class is meant primarily for tanking, and as such, leveling can be slow when first starting out.

Increase your leveling rate by questing with a friend. For PvP, always try to support your fellow healing players and damage per second players. If you can, take attention off of the other player and onto you.

Perfect World International Classes


Make sure you make proper use of your pet when questing and killing monsters. Your abilities, along with the abilities of your pet, will damage and defeat foes quickly.

You may benefit from grouping with a healer or purchasing health restoring Charms, but it is not required. These same ground-rules apply for PvP, but avoid depending on your pet too much in PvP.


This class is primarily used for damage per second, and as such, you should have no problem questing or soloing. Your armor may be weak, and health relatively low, but you should be able to down monsters before they hurt you too bad.

If need be, purchase Charms to restore your health. When participating in PvP, make sure you look for healers and casters and attempt to kill them before they provide too much support for their teammates.


The Psychic is meant as a damage per second class. Instead of melee attacks though, the Psychic relies on magical abilities.

Renowned for low health and armor, the Psychic is one of the most vulnerable classes in the game. For this reason, you need to keep your distance when attacking enemy NPCs and players.

Perfect World International Classes


This class relies heavily on the weapons it can wield and its melee abilities. Because the armor and health of the class is high though, it is an ideal selection for soloing within Perfect World.

The same is true when participating in PvP; however, ensure you go after healers and spell casters, as their weak armor will provide you with the perfect opportunity to kill quickly.

Perfect World International Classes


This class is a mix of healing, buffs, and damage spells. In PvE, a Wizard should use his damaging abilities while also maintaining his health through heals. Throughout PvP, the Wizard has the flexibility to heal or damage, but healing is recommended.

Definitely consider investing in a mana restoring Charm so that you never run out, regardless of gameplay.

Excelling In Perfect World International

As one can see, there are plenty of different opportunities within Perfect World International. It is important to explore these options and try your best at them.

Investigate further tips and builds that will specifically help you in each of these activities, and then determine which you would enjoy doing the most.

Make sure you explore each in full and make it fun. Meet new people through all of these activities and form friendships with them in-game.

If you have friends in real life that play, why not try some of these activities with them. Perfect World International is free and fun; who wouldn’t want to play with you?