Perfect World International Level 10 Guide For Humans

Perfect World International Level 10 Guide For Humans
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The Perfect World

Leveling up in Perfect World is pretty easy if you know where to go and what to do. Sometimes, though, the expansive game world and clutter of various NPCs to interact with can become overwhelming, leaving a lot of new players trying to figure out what to do and where to do go. This is usually a common occurence in large MMOs, such as Fly for Fun or Rohan: Blood Feud. Well, here’s a quick guide to help new players get adjusted to the game, level up and find some suitable quests to help achieve the level 10 goal in a breeze.

After you start the game, create a character (using the extensive CAC feature) and head out into the world, a tutorial will be available to help new players. Following the instructions isn’t a bad way to start if you’re completely unfamiliar with the game, but before completing the tutorial and heading into the first major human town, Etherblade City, you might want to level up a few times on the monsters in the newbie area.

Class Distinction

Can you name each class in this picture?

Given that the monsters in the starting area are pretty darn weak it’s best to leave them after reaching level 3 or 4. And since the game has a very basic class setup at the start of the game there’s no real need to worry about focusing on what weapon to use or where your stats should go per level: if you’re a fighter put it all in strength, if you plan to use bows put all your stats in dexterity, if you’re all about magic, put it in magic.

After gaining a few levels in the weak newb area, head to the nearest town – as indicated in the tutorial – and feel free to look around the city and get acquainted with a few key NPCs. Some of the more important ones include: the blacksmith, the merchant and the banker. You’ll need the blacksmith to acquire weapons, the merchant for MP and HP potions and the banker to store items.

Don’t bother looking for various blacksmiths for specific classes; they sell all the weapons for each class localized at each blacksmith. Most of what they sell isn’t necessary if you’re still under level 5 and there are usually better weapons to loot from the baddies in the outskirts of the city.


Earning one’s keep by cutting down wood…with bare hands!

The Elder in Etherblade City may have you perform some general newbie quest to get acquainted with the playing mechanics and map layout. However, you won’t receive any real quests until you’re level 5. So it’s best to head just outside town and kill a few enemies until you hit the magic number 5 and then head back to town for some real quests.

Unlike a lot of other MMORPGs where you’ll repeat quests haphazardly or because you can’t find any others, Perfect World acknowledges that there are a few quests worth repeating more than once and have special repeatable quests set aside for grinders. Convenient, eh? You can easily check out quest suited for your level by pressing ‘Q’ and clicking on ‘Find Quests’. A drop down will appear showing all available quests for your character.

At level 5 you’re still too low to do a lot of adventuring but too high for the newbie area. And it’s best to avoid any errand quests given that they might have you venturing too far off into one-hit KO territory. It might be best to head to the Hidden Heroes Village if you need short quests that offer good item and financial incentives. The only requirement for leveling in Hidden Heroes Village is that you reach level 6. There are plenty of monsters around that area that should suffice for reaching level 6 in a breeze and opening up a smorgasbord of quests from the town’s head sentry.

The Long Grind To 10…

That monster looks like he forgot to clean his underwear

You’re almost there…level 10 is just a few quests away. In the process it might be good to do a few of the crafting quests that open up for level 5 and beyond. You’ll need to head back to Etherblade City to pick out a few of the crafting quests. Crafting at an early level can be useful for making weapons, armor, items or other useful tools that are good for leveling with or can be sold for extra cash.

You might also want to sell any additional supplies you harvest from out in the wild. Whatever crafting materials you don’t need is probably worth selling and they can definitely help you make extra coinage if you’re in need of it.

If you’re up to level 7 or 8 it’s probably best to head just past the Hidden Heroes Village to finish your quest to level 10. If you already have supplies or quests from the main town, you can use the teleport NPC to zap yourself into the HH Village and from there kill some of the baddies heading northeast.

So This Is What Level 10 Feels Like?

You’re level 10…doesn’t it feel great?

New missions, new items, and more skills can be accessed once you hit level 10. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier leveling up after you reach level 10 than it is getting to level 10. Hopefully this guide helped provide some moderate information for questing, grinding and item management.

Perfect World offers up tons of gaming opportunities for free-to-play MMORPG fans and after hitting level 10 you’ll get to experience more playability and fun in the expansive, interactive world. For more information on Perfect World International, be sure to drop by the Official Website.

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