Perfect World International Mounts: Land, Flying, and Boutique

Perfect World International Mounts: Land, Flying, and Boutique
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PWI Land Mounts

There are two types of Perfect World International mounts: land and flying.

Although flying mounts are acquired earlier, land mounts allow for faster travel on ground.

This can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to travel between cities or areas.

Some of these mounts are available as soon as you hit level forty, but most are sold to you when you reach sixty.

These mounts vary depending on race, as do the flying mounts.

If you choose to participate in the Boutique, which allows you to trade real life money for in-game gold, you can purchase mounts at an earlier level.

These will be quite expensive though, and tend to get cheaper as you level. Land mount vendors can be found in almost all major cities throughout Perfect World. Some of the land mounts available include:

  • Horses

  • Panthers

  • Bears

  • The Pig PWI Land Mount


  • Elks

  • Elephants

  • Dinosaurs

  • Cats

  • Lions

Take special note that some of these listed are only available through the Boutique, but rest assured, mounts can be acquired by any player without buying them using real money.

PWI Flying Mounts

The Sword PWI Flying Mount

Flying mounts within Perfect World International are much more common for players to purchase and use, as it makes transportation much easier.

You will not need to maneuver around large mountains or trees, but instead, fly over or around them entirely.

This is a convenient way to transport yourself. For those of you whom play the Winged Elf race, you have the ability to fly around Perfect World from the first level.

Winged Elves Flying PWI Mount

These flying mounts can be purchased as early as level twenty; however, the tend to be quite expensive at this level.

They even out at level thirty, and most will be available once you hit this level. Once again, these mounts are available at the mount vendors in major cities.

For Winged Elves, the speed at which you are able to fly throughout the world is increased through training at certain levels.

There are numerous levels of the ability to increase speed, which enhances your speed by a certain percent each time you train. In terms of flying mounts, some options include:

  • Wings
  • Birds
  • Flying Swords
  • Sting Rays

PWI Boutique Mounts

Boutique PWI Mount Example

As previously mentioned, the Boutique allows you to purchase mounts earlier.

Understanding how this aspect of the game works is pivotal not only to Perfect World International Mounts, but other items that can make the game significantly easier.

To participate in the Boutique, you trade real life cash for in-game gold through the official website. The next time you login, you will be able to buy land or flying mounts specific to your race.

Another Boutique Mount Example

The main beneficial factor about this mount method is the fact that you will be able to acquire a mount at a far earlier stage in the game, which allows you to travel faster, and ultimately level faster.

Just remember that while it is advantageous to participate in the Boutique, it is entirely optional.

Using Perfect World International Mounts

Travel Faster With The Right PWI Mount!

Perfect World International Mounts are handy to have. They can reduce travel times, help you level at an increased rate, and help you excel at gameplay.

For Winged Elves, being able to fly across the world is an extremely advantageous aspect of the game. In fact, it is arguably one of the most popular reasons for people selecting Winged Elves.

Try to start saving your in-game money as soon as you start playing. If you want to enjoy the game further, try your luck at using the Boutique.

You can find plenty of mounts there from early levels, and may just been tempted to buy additional products to help you level in other ways.

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