Perfect World International Guide: Classes of the Humans and Winged Elves

Perfect World International Guide: Classes of the Humans and Winged Elves
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Before actually playing Perfect World International, you will need to decide on a Race and Class to play.

There are quite a few Classes to select from, and it can often be difficult to pick the ideal Class if you do not yet know which is meant for what.

Each Class has its own strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and style.

Finding the style that suits you will ensure the game is much more enjoyable.

Below, and on the following page, you will find each available Race and Class that you can play.

Pay close attention to both the pros and cons of such Classes, and attempt to make a decision on that basis.


The first race is Human, and the glory of this race can be found throughout Perfect World.

Looking at the human city, one can quickly comprehend the power of the human nation. They are a prevalent force throughout the game.

Commonly, this city is vastly populated with hundreds of different players; all of which socialize or just plain wander the streets.


Perfect World International

If you decide to play the human race, you have the opportunity to play the Blademaster class.

The Blademaster is designed for melee attacks. Wielding various weapons and using different abilities on his or her foes, the Blademaster can destroy an enemy.

In terms of strengths, the Blademaster is excellent at melee damage per second and can be used as a secondary tank within the game.

For weaknesses, an individual will want to avoid spell-casters; as the spells cast against you will take huge chunks of health.


The second class available to humans is the Wizard. This class uses the power of spells and magical abilities to crush enemies.

The Wizard can also use magic to bless and enhance the abilities of his or her friends and allies, as well as provide healing capabilities so that the Cleric does not have to do so much.

Although powerful, the Wizard is not without its faults. The most obvious of which is the lack of health and protection he or she has.

It is very easy to kill a Wizard if the other class is a melee opponent, and the Wizard must rely on distances to persevere in a fight.

Winged Elves

Perfect World International Concept Art

Elves have always been a favorite for many individuals when it comes to MMORPGs. The Winged Elves use the balance of nature and their connection with the spirits to survive within the Perfect World.

The elven race respects nature and relies on it for protection. In fact, their capital city is a well constructed camp below a massive tree.

One of the most enjoyable features when it comes to the Winged Elves is the fact that they have wings. Even at level one, a player can use their wings to fly

Perfect World International

around Perfect World.


The Archer is a ranged damage per second class. This class relies on a bow, crossbow, or slingshot to effectively take out enemies with the abilities available.

The Archer is able to bless friends and allies with damage enhancing buffs, and is an excellent addition to any Squad.

The weaknesses of this class includes the lack of protection and moderate health it has.

While the Archer is better than the Cleric for protection, the Archer is much more vulnerable to damage than an Untamed Barbarian.


The Cleric is by far the main healer in the game. The Cleric’s purpose is to heal her friends and fellow Squad members while also supporting them with protective buffs and damage dealing spells.

The Cleric is valuable to have if you are in need of heals, and as in most MMORPGs, healers are high in demand within Perfect World International.

Though healing abilities can keep the Cleric and her allies alive, the one problem with this Class is the poor capabilities to deal with offensive damage attacks.

With low armor and lack of health, the Cleric is by far the most vulnerable Class in the game.


The Untamed race is a very interesting one to play.

They are a mix of beast and human; creating one of the most graphically unique races.

These individuals rely on their strength and shape shifting.

For those that want an interesting and aesthetically pleasing character, the Untamed is for you.


The Barbarian is the most suitable tank within the game.

Perfect World International

This Class uses melee damage to strike his opponents down. The Barbarian can shape shift into the tiger too, enhancing the overall health and armor of the Barbarian.

The Barbarian is powerful, but poor at soloing through the game. It is often recommended to level with friends or other players to make the leveling process easier.

The Barbarian is an imperative asset to any Squad, as high health and protective

Perfect World International

armor makes this Class the perfect tank.

Many individuals may find themselves somewhat bored with the Barbarian at first, but as you continue to increase levels, the class will become much more powerful and enjoyable.


Yet another damage per second Class within Perfect World International, the Venomancer relies on pets and abilities to kill enemies.

The Venomancer is capable of shifting into a fox form, increasing physical defense and attack accuracy. Many other Classes fear the Venomancer because of the powerful spells it can cast.

There is no question that the Venomancer is one of the greatest solo Classes in the game.

The negative aspect is the Venomancer’s low health and other player hate. Many players have expressed much annoyance when it comes to this Class, and they will do everything to kill it.


Perfect World International Concept Art

The Tideborn Race is the newest in the game. They are the undeniable rulers of the sea, and their City of Raging Tides demonstrates their power.

Much like the Untamed interesting graphics, the Tideborn Race has various options when it comes to physical characteristics. A Tideborn is an excellent option if you want your character to look interesting.


The Assassin is one of the stronger melee damage per second classes in the

Perfect World International

game. This Class uses weapons and melee damage abilities to efficiently harm other monsters and players.

The Assassin is an excellent supporter in Squads, often able to kill enemy NPCs swiftly. This Class also makes a wonderful quest partner if you are a Cleric or Barbarian and need a damage partner.

The only real weakness associated with the Assassin is the fact that the Class does not have a lot of armor or health.

Perfect World International

Although able to kill others quickly, the Assassin too, can be killed at a rapid rate if not careful.


The Psychic uses magic for defense means, to buff allies, and most importantly, kill others. The Psychic is another damage per second class that relies heavily on distance combat.

Cloth armor and relatively low health makes the Psychic extremely vulnerable to melee opponents.Without heals or potions, the Psychic can die quite quickly.

Buying Boutique items that restore health or mana once reaching a certain depletion is an excellent technique to employ to avoid constant deaths.

Character Customizations

After selecting the type of Race you want to play and the Class that you believe you will be able to excel at, you must customize the character.

Perfect World International has one of the greatest character customization features in the entire MMORPG industry; perhaps even the best.

Some of the different physical characteristics you can change includes:

  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Skin Color
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Width
  • Nose Shape
  • Eyebrow Shape

Perfect World International

After customizing the character to your personal preference, go ahead and give him or her a name. After clicking the “Create” button, you will have your character newly formed.

Take special note that if you want to change anything about your character, it needs to be done within the next two days after initial creation.

After this time period, you will not be able to change the way your character looks.

Experience & Spirit

There are two very important things within the game you must monitor.

The first of which is Experience, which allows you to gain levels and increase your strength overtime.

The second is Spirit, which is used to acquire new abilities that become available after achieving levels.

In order to acquire both Spirit and Experience, you will need to kill monsters or complete quests.

Perfect World International

Of course, finding quests that allow you to both grind and earn Experience from hand-in are ideal to acquire.

Experience is visible alongside your health and mana in the top left corner of the screen. It is shown in the form of bar, but also has a percent so that you know at all times how far away you are from the next level.

Spirit is trickier to find, residing within the character window. This is found in the bottom right hand side of the screen, and upon pressing it, your statistics and other important information will appear.

You can always check how much Spirit you will need to acquire the next abilities available upon leveling by talking to your trainer.


Perfect World International

Although Abilities have been mentioned numerous times throughout this Perfect World International Guide, a clear explanation has yet to be provided.

Quite simply, Abilities are used to damage enemies, bless friends, or heal allies. Think of them as Spells.

These Abilities are unique to each class within Perfect World International, and can usually be acquired after each level.

There are trainers throughout camps and in major capital cities of each race, and

Perfect World International

the Abilities will be taught from these individuals.

Abilities cost both coin and Spirit. It is common to have to wait a few levels in order to acquire all abilities; as running out of Spirit is a common problem, especially when grouping with others.


Perfect World International

Each class is given points they can use to enhance a certain value. For example, Dexterity, Strength, Vitality, and Magic are all different values these points can be distributed to.

A certain value of such points is required to where certain armor and weapons.

For example, if you were a Psychic and wanted to wear a robe, a prerequisite may be that you have at least twenty points in Magic.

It is recommended to start out by distributing evenly amongst all values.

Overtime, you can start applying these points to one sections only, but for now, keep it even.

These points can be found within the Character panel as well.


The better equipment you get, the better you will be able to perform. By default, you are provided with basic gear when you first begin.

As time progresses, you will need to find gear that helps you throughout the game and aids in the specific point-value you want increased.

Equipment comes from a variety of different opportunities. Monster kills usually drop basic gear that you can use or sell at the Auction House, and at times, can even drop rare items that will further enhance your abilities.

For those that have money in-game, valuable items can be found within the Auction house and these items can help you level faster.

The armor is categorized by class and type. For example, cloth is the only type of armor certain classes can wear; such as Psychics or Clerics.

When trying to decide whether a certain piece of armor will suit you, always look at the point-value bonuses.

You should try to stick with something that will help you progress throughout the game in a much more productive way.

For instance, if you are a Psychic, always look for gear and weaponry that has +Magic qualities.

The Boutique

The final important piece of information that you must learn through this Perfect World International Guide is the Boutique.

Although the game itself is free to play, the Boutique provides the company with some money.

At the same time, it provides players with rare and creative items that enhance gameplay.

Take special note that this is a completely optional feature to participate in, but it will make the game somewhat more enjoyable.

Perfect World International

To participate, you simply need to visit the website and login with your information. Once you have, you can purchase in-game money with real cash. As an example, the common rate is $10 USD = 10 Gold in-game.

The website will provide further clarification on this, and will explain how to complete the transaction.

The next time you login to your game, you will be able to purchase items anywhere in the world through the Boutique. Items sold in the Boutique include

Perfect World International

Mounts, Fashion, Charms, and others.

As previously mentioned, this is an entirely optional part of the MMO to participate in. It is quite fun though trying on new fashionable items and trying to make your character look better.

Additionally, many items can enhance the rate at which you level and your combat abilities. If you have extra cash, the Boutique is something you should definitely look into.

Final Thoughts

This Perfect World International Guide reviewed the basic elements of the game and explained each in detail.

While most of the essentials were covered, realize that the best way to experience the game is through playing.

Guides and additional information throughout the Internet will help you master the fundamentals of the game, but you should explore and enjoy it.

Try out different classes, equipment, skills, and more. As long as you experiment while playing Perfect World, you are assured to have a great time.

Keep it fun by playing with friends too. Although people have busy lives, it can be a fun pastime to play with others; and it will not be hard to find someone that wants to play with you.