Recommended Equipment for Your Hunter in LOTRO

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Equipment Basics

While there are thousands of different types of equipment that your hunter can use, bows are always a hunter’s best friend. Different types of equipment, like weapons and armor, are available from vendors, quest rewards, and as drops from mobs and each will add to different statistics or attributes that will enhance your play and your character.

To determine which items are the best for your hunter or your abilities, here is a break down of how the color system works in LOTR so you will know which items are better than others:

1.White or Gray items are common items that anyone can use or buy.

2.Yellow items are uncommon items, and are usually from drops or quest rewards.

3.Purple items are rare items and are worth more money than the yellow, white, or gray items.

4.Teal items are incomparable items that are the second highest type of items that you can get and are worth a lot and usually have great skills/abilities/attributes or other special perks with them.

5.Brown items are legendary items that are really rare and are usually gotten from high level mobs and quests.

When you gain an item, either weapon or armor, then you should take a look at it’s durability before you decide what to do with it. The different types of durability factors are: brittle, normal, and tough. These factors will tell you how that item will stand up in battle and how fast you will have to repair it after you use it.

Armor and Weapons

As far as armor goes, for a Hunter, leather is about it. You will be able to purchase leather armor, gain it from drops, as well as purchase special items that will help to build on your armor and give you a better chance of surviving before you have to stop and repair yourself. There is no specific set or style of leather armor that is better than others, just higher level gear that you can purchase or find each time you up your levels.

When it comes to weapons for your Hunter, the choices are pretty easy – pick up a good club or other stunning weapon for melee. While most people think that swords look better and that a dagger might be faster, clubs and weapons like them will stun the enemy upon a hit and they are just as fast as most daggers out there too. While the best use and strength of a Hunter is not in it’s melee capabilities, they can still get the ability to dual wield weapons, and most avid MMO players would rather swap their shield for dual weapon capabilities any day.

For ranged weapons, which are a Hunter’s forte, a bow or crossbow is the only way they can go. Most hunters will probably never even draw their melee weapon in combat, even in toe to toe combat, since the quick fire ability of a bow is only slightly slower than a sword. But, unlike a sword, a bow or crossbow will actually do double the damage or more than swords will. The only exception to this is when you may be in a party situation where you are out of power due to an undead boss that sucks you dry or if you just do not manage your power well. Once this happens, then you will be glad that you picked up the dual wield ability and those two clubs that will stun the boss or help with minions.

Now, some will debate the use of the crossbow when it comes to the dual club option. But, you are always better to use both. With auto-attack on the dual wield clubs and the rapid fire on the crossbow, you will be able to do a lot of damage, more than other hunters will. After you pick up those weapons, you can practice to see which way of attacking works best for your race of hunter and which way you prefer to attack.

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