Using Your Hunter Stances in LOTRO

Basic Hunter Stances

You will also start to refine your stances that will allow you to improve your attributes. There are three different Hunter Stances: strength, precision, and endurance. Each time you improve one stance, you will lower your abilities in the other two. Here is a short break down of the three stances:

Strength – this increased the damage that you can do as well as your Threat factor, which makes you noticeable to an enemy. This can actually be useful while soloing because you want to be able to do the most damage possible. As you start out, this is the only stance that is available to you from level 4 though 17.

Precision – this increases the accuracy of your shots and increases the chance that your Quick Shot will be a critical hit instead of just doing a bit of damage. Since this skill does not actually affect your Threat to enemies, scoring this critical hit dose make you become more noticeable.

Endurance – this reduces the cost of the power that it takes for your attacks and reduces your threat factor as well. This is the way to go if you are normally playing in a group that has a good tank who holds the enemy’s attention so that you can do damage from ranged shots.

Using These Stances

The way that you use these stances is completely up to you. But, you should learn which ones will help buff you up the most and which ones will help you in combat the most. For example, using your Precision stance will help improve your accuracy for your shots while in combat and help you gain an edge over your enemies. But, using your Endurance stance will help you fight longer, so this is the better way to go for those long, drawn out battles, especially in PvP play.

Now as listed above, you will only have one stance, Strength, available to you until you hit level 17. Then, you gain other stances that will offer you a better variety of game play when it comes to choosing the stance that will help you the most. Once you start gaining your different stances, you’ll also be able to play around with them and see which give you the best buff for your playing style.

In the next part of this series, we’ll go through some of the other great buffs and abilities that the Hunter class gains in game.

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