Level 30+ – Playing Your Hunter In LOTRO

When You Hit Level 30

Once you reach level 30, you gain the ability to use Light Oil on your arrows that will allow you to deal more Light damage over time to a mob. This is another passive skill, such as with Fire Oil, that you will have to learn from the hunter trainer and another oil that you will have to purchase, or learn to make. When you add this to your arrows, you will find that the damage that they deal increases greatly and will help you stop mobs before the reach you. This is a great ability to have, as you’ll find that in most battles, you will be able to take out mobs before they can do much damage to you or your group and you will be able to fight in larger battles as well, especially in PvP areas. Also, the ability to use these oils will allow you to fight longer, as you won’t be wearing down your strength or your your armor as the mobs will already be extremely low in heath before they hit you.

At level 30, your use of multi traps increases from two to three, which allows you a better form of crowd control when you are in a group or soloing multiple mobs. You also gain the tracking skill called Passage of Shadow, which will allow you to track evil things. With your buffs, you gain the Guide to Bree, which allows you to teleport you and your group to West Bree. You also learn Guide to Esteldin, which teleports you and your group to Esteldin. These are all great abilities to learn and use as you move up toward level 40. By using your traps to hold mobs, you will be able to sling arrows down on them to take them out faster and you will also be able to take out multiple, higher level mobs at one time instead of waiting for a group or trying to take them out one at a time. With tracking the evil mobs around you, you will also be able to make it through certain areas without aggroing too many of them or take out the ones you need to get without worrying about the rest.

In the next part of this series, we’ll go through some recommended equipment for your hunter that will help you make it through the game and give you a basic guide to follow when choosing your equipment.

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