Playing a Hunter in LOTRO: Levels 1-20

The Basics

During your time in these lower levels, you will also have access to some survival skills, such as cooking. The good thing about being a hunter is that you can build a campfire without any materials. Campfires can be used to help buff up morale and regenerate power. They also allow cooks to make food for the group that can help with agility, might, and vitality.

After you hit level 10, you will be spending most of your time in Bree. This is where the majority of the quests are for level 10-20, as well as some of the surrounding areas, such as Annunlos. These areas will help you gain the experience you need, as well as skills and abilities that will help you later in the game.

From Level 10 On Up

As you hit level 10 and work your way to level 20, you will gain more skills and better abilities. Your archery skills will continue to level up and give you better weapons and better ranges. At level 20, you will gain another skill that will help in your archery, called Intent Concentration. This will allow you to reach full focus in emergency situations. It is for this emergency reason that the ability has a long cool-down period of 3 minutes. When it comes to traps, you will learn the Basic Bear Trap when you hit level 15. This will slightly damage a target while it holds it in place and allow you to gain a bit more time before it hits you in close range combat. If you choose to become a Weaponsmith at this time, you can learn to craft other traps that will help hold or do more damage. If you decide not to be a Weaponsmith, then you can purchase other traps from the Auction House.

Speaking of close combat, Hunters are not entirely useless here. At level 10, you will gain the ability to defend yourself in a surprise attack as well as finish what you have started with your ranged attack. You will also gain the ability to wear Medium Armour that will give you added protection against damage.

In the next section of this series, we’ll talk about the different stances that Hunters get in game that will help both you and your friends nearby.

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