How to Use Special Skills and Abilities for Your Hunter in LOTRO

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Hunters Are Special Too…

Another great aspect of playing a hunter in LOTR is that you have the ability to track enemies. For those who are used to playing other hunters with tracking abilities on other MMO games, this will be a nice change. Instead of lighting up your map with a specific type of mob, (such as animals, humanoids, and so on), the LOTR hunter’s tracking allows you to examine the ground for different tracks and choose one to follow. Then, this track is shown on your map. You only gain your tracking skill at level 12, when you get Passage of Nature that will allow you to track beasts.

Hunters are also a great class to play as you gain several different travel buffs to help you. For example, hunters have a buff that allows their group to run faster, which is great in these eariler levels before you can ride horses. This buff is called Find the Path and increases your group’s running speed by 15%. You will gain this skill at level 14.

There are a couple of extra skills that hunters can get after level 10 that can be a great asset to themselves and their friends. One of these is Cry of the Predator, which you gain at level 12. This makes beasts run in fear from you or your group when used. Another helpful skill is Purge Poison, which will pull a poison from a friend, and you gain this skill at level 16.

Special Skills

For those who choose to play a Hunter toon, you will find that the special skills and abilities will only enhance your game play. Hunters are almost invaluable when it comes to group play due to some of their special buffs (such as those listed above) that roll out to their group to help them as well. When you roll an hunter and start playing, you won’t have access to many of these. But, the further that you level up in the game, the better you will become at offering special items to your friends and other group members who need them.

In the next part of this series, we’ll go through level 20 and above as this is the time when your Hunter will really come into it’s own and you will gain some major skills and abilities that will only make you even more valuable to your group.

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