Perfect World International Leveling Guide: The First Ten Levels

Perfect World International Leveling Guide: The First Ten Levels
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The hardest part of Perfect World is probably the first ten levels or so.

The reason being that this period is slow, and for many classes it can be difficult to stay motivated past these levels.

This is especially true for the Barbarian.

For this reason, this Perfect World International Leveling Guide will focus on these first levels primarily, and offer a few simple steps to follow.

Firstly, take some time to explore the game, looking at the spells and abilities you have.

Click the icons in the bottom right corner, which includes your backpack and character screens. Before you do any kind of leveling, you need to get familiar with the game and the type of class you play.

Determine whether you are a melee class or ranged class, and prepare yourself to play that type of game style. Bear in mind that there are classes specifically designed for healing purposes too, and although you may be able to level easily by yourself initially, you may want to team with another later.


Venomancer Leveling In PWI

Once you are used to the game, you can start your leveling journey. The key point to make here is that you need to stay in the starting area. More specifically, you need to stay in the village or town.

Circle around it, collecting all quests via double-clicking on the computer character. Once you have all quests collected and are sure that you have not missed any, open your quest log through the icon.

This is found in the bottom right corner of the game. Once opened, click on eachquest and select the “Track” button. The monster or objective of the quest will be shown on the right hand side of the screen.

As soon as all quests that are trackable show up on your screen, travel to the exterior of the town. Do not travel too far away from it, but rather to its borders.

Most of the quests you have will involve killing the monsters around the town, so circle around it killing monsters. As you kill each, your progress for the quest will be tracked on screen.

Handing In Quests

Blademaster Leveling In PWI

Do not return to hand any of these quests in until all have been completed. This will save you a significant amount of time. When you do return, hand all the quests in and then visit your class trainer.

Train in spells, and then sell any items you collected. If new quests are available, collect them and repeat the questing process. The key point is to collect and do everything you need to do in town, track your quests, and complete them all at once to hand in.

Following the technique described within this Perfect World International Leveling Guide will make progressing through the game far easier. Further, it will give you the practice needed to continue leveling quickly after these first levels.

General Tips

In addition to the simple strategy outlined, there are a few tips that should be covered within this Perfect World International Leveling Guide.

The first of which is that you should take advantage of grinding. This involves killing monster after monster to acquire experience.

The main beneficial aspect about this is that it goes quite fast, especially during the first few levels, and many unique and rare items can be collected and sold.

If you are going to do this, consider investing in one of the restoring charms from the Boutique.

This aspect of the game allows you to purchase in-game gold with real life money.

Perfect World International Winged Elf

Once you have in-game gold, you can purchase charms that restore your health and mana when they get below a specific percent.

This allows you to continue killing monster without taking any breaks, so long as the charm is full. Further, you should consider teaming with another player or questing with a real life friend.

This makes it much more enjoyable, and sometimes can reduce the loneliness you experience. Monsters are killed faster, and you can quest far quicker. The

Perfect World International Tideborn

only drawback is that you will have to share all experience, spirit, and items rewarded by monsters.

When leveling by yourself, make sure you acknowledge how the player vs. player system works and brush up on the forms of gameplay. As long as you know when and how you can get killed by other players, you will be able to avoid costly deaths.

Race-Specific Tips

Perfect World International Winged Elf

While the tips and recommendations provided thus far can be applied to every single class and race, there are a few more tips that should be covered in regards to specific races.

Humans will want to either solo against each monster, take a bunch on at once, or group with another; depending on class. For the Wizard, you can do either solo or group, but grouping is recommended to avoid deaths.

The Untamed will probably want to solo, at least the Venomancer will. She is one of the best classes in the game to solo level, so ensure you do so if you have opted for this class. The Barbarian may want to team with a damage per second class or healer to increase leveling speed.

The Winged Elves can either team or solo. Archers are exceptional at soloing, but Clerics are meant as healers more than anything.

Lastly, the Tideborn have two classes that are fantastic at soloing, so completing quests by yourself and killing monsters alone is the safest option.

Why Use A Perfect World International Leveling Guide?

As one can see, leveling in Perfect World is easy and can be done quite quickly as long as the player takes the time to follow a simple process. Remember to:

  1. Survey Game: Get use to it and how to play the game.
  2. Collect Quests: Go through the town and find all available quests.
  3. Circle Area: Circle around the town killing all monsters, which will complete quests.
  4. Hand In: Return to the town and hand in all of the quests, but only do so when all are completed.
  5. Train, Sell: Visit your trainer and learn any new spells available, sell the items that you do not need.
  6. Repeat: Continue using this leveling process for the first few levels.

This process will only work for the first ten levels or so; however, it will help you get familiar with the game and help you level quicker throughout the entire game.

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