NCAA Football '12 Big East Conference Guide: Stats, Offensive Schemes, Best Players, and More

NCAA Football '12 Big East Conference Guide: Stats, Offensive Schemes, Best Players, and More
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The Big East is a football conference on the midst of a change. After losing three schools to the ACC within the last decade, the conference will be expanding at the beginning of the 2012 season by welcoming the Horned Frogs of TCU into its ranks.

For this season of NCAA ‘12, the conference stands at just eight teams. Our complete guide to the Big East teams includes full scouting reports on each squad. Find out about offensive schemes, ratings on both sides of the ball, and which players to watch out for.

Whether you’re planning to win a national title using one of these squads or you just want to find a weakness so you can take them down, our guide will help you find the information you’re seeking.

This guide refers to players by name, assuming that most who play NCAA Football ‘12 will have downloaded named rosters at some point.


The Bearcats are quite fond of the Spread offense. They run it expertly with their B+ rated offense, the strong point of the team. On defense, Cincinnati receives a B-, leading to an overall grade of B+ for the team.

The Bearcats have three standouts on offense, giving them a lot of weapons on that side of the ball. Isiah Pead at halfback, Zach Collaros at quarterback, and DJ Woods at WR all have an overall rating of 90.

On the defensive side of the ball, JK Schaffer is the standout player to keep an eye on.


The Huskies of Connecticut receive an overall rating of B- in NCAA Football ‘12. Utilizing the Pro-style, the C+ rated offense works together with the solid B+ defense to earn the overall B-.

For the Huskies, the two best players are both on the right side of the defense: Sio Moore at ROLB and Jesse Joseph at RE.


Using the Spread offense, the Cardinals of Louisville fly all over the field on offense, and the squad earns a B- rating on that side of the ball. On defense, the team is rated a B, leading to an overall rating of B.

For the Cardinals, the players to watch out for are Victor Anderson at halfback and Hakeem Smith at strong safety. Look for Louisville to run the ball early and often and rely on their impact players in the defensive secondary.


The Panthers are a remarkably consistent team, scoring a B+ on offense, defense, and overall. Their Spread offense keeps opponents on their toes.

The Panther D is anchored by a solid front, with Lidsey at RE and Alecxih at DT.

On offense, halfback Ray Graham is the go-to guy, with a solid offensive line in front of him.


The Rutgers Scarlet Knights make their opponents see red with their Pro-style offensive attack and B+ rated offense. On defense, Rutgers scores a B-, adding up to an overall rating of B.

Rutgers has a pair of offensive weapons at wide receiver in Mohamed Sanu and Mark Harrison. They are very fast and agile weapons, especially when catching passes from quarterback Chas Dodd.

Defensively, Beauharnais at MLB is the guy to keep your eye on.

South Florida (USF)


Utilizing Multiple offensive sets, the B+ overall rated Bulls of USF keep opponents on their toes. Offensively they score a B and the defense receives the same rating.

Defensive standouts for the Bulls include Washington at CB, Lattimore at LOLB, and Young at FS.

On offense, the best player is halfback Demetrius Murray. Special teams are another strength of USF, especially kicking.


Defense is the weak point of the Orange in NCAA Football ‘12. They receive a C+ rating on that side of the ball. Their Pro-style offensive attack receives a B, adding up to an overall rating of B- for Syracuse.

Syracuse has a powerful offensive pairing in wide receiver Van Chew and quarterback Ryan Nassib. Kicker Ross Trautman also adds some scoring potential from the field.

Defensively, the standout player for the Orange is Phillip Thomas at free safety.

West Virginia


West Virginia

e Mountaineers are the final team in the Big East’s eight team lineup. Favoring the Air Raid offensive attack, they receive a B+ rating on offense, a B for defense, and an overall score of B+.

For West Virginia, the left side of the offensive line is exceptional. They protect Geno Smith at quarterback, who has the potential to beat you both with his legs and his throwing arm.

On defense, the left is also the dangerous side, with Julian Miller coming after your quarterback from the left end position.


All references and screenshots from NCAA Football ‘12.

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