NCAA Football '12 Big 12 Scouting Reports and Guide: Offensive and Defensive Ratings, Offensive Schemes, and Best Players

NCAA Football '12 Big 12 Scouting Reports and Guide: Offensive and Defensive Ratings, Offensive Schemes, and Best Players
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Like the Big 10, the Big 12 is one of college football’s mathematically-challenged conferences. Comprised of ten teams located in the central United States, the Big 12 is one of college football’s most prestigious and well-regarded conferences, with several teams who seem to be perennial contenders for the national title.

In NCAA Football ‘12, several of the most highly-rated and well-ranked teams come from the Big 12. Our complete guide to the conference features scouting reports for each team, including offensive schemes, offensive and defensive ratings, and players to watch out for on both sides of the ball. Whether you’re looking to take one of these teams to the national championship or simply figure out how best to compete against them, this guide is for you.

Our guides assume that most players will download named rosters for the game, and accordingly refer to specific players by name.


The Baylor Bears run the Spread offensive. On that side of the ball, they receive a rating of B+.

Defensively, Baylor earns a B-, giving them an overall rating of B.

The best player on the team is Robert Griffin III, a very accurate and powerful quarterback with the agility and acceleration to make plays with his feet. He’s helped out by a pair of very talented receivers and a strong offensive line.

On defensive, watch out for a decent D-line and some above-average linebackers.

Iowa State

For the Cyclones of Iowa State, the Spread offense is the name of the game. They run it with their C+ rated offense. Combined with their B- defense, Iowa State receives an overall grade of B-.

The Iowa State defense is led by Knott at ROLB and Klein at MLB. On the other side of the ball, look out for a solid offensive line and a pair of above-average halfbacks in Woody and Johnson.


The Jayhawks are known for their prowess in the college basketball ranks. Still, their football team receives a respectable overall rating of B-, with grades of B- for offense and C+ for defense.

The Jayhawks run the Spread offense, as well.

The best player on the Kansas squad is Steven Johnson at LOLB. He’s worth keeping an eye on if you’re running or passing to his side of the field.

Offensively, James Sims at halfback and Daymond Patterson at wide receiver are the major weapons to focus on.

Kansas State

Kansas State

For the Wildcats, Multiple offensive sets help keep them moving downfield. Overall, the team receives a grade of B+.

On offense, Kansas State gets a B and their defense scores the same rating.

The Wildcat defense is led by David Garrett at cornerback, a very fast and agile defender.

Offensively, focus on Bryce Brown at halfback, the team’s most talented offensive weapon


The Spread offense is very popular in the Big 12, and you can add the Tigers to the list of teams that run it.

Missouri receives an overall rating of B+, with a B+ grade for offense and a B- on defense.

The Missouri kicking game is especially potent thanks to Grant Ressel the kicker. Watch out for him on long field goal attempts.

On offense, the focus is on TJ Moe the wide receiver and Michael Egnew the tight end.

On the defensive side of the ball, Gooden at LOLB and Jackson at SS are the leaders.


Oklahoma Sooners

For the Sooners, offense is the name of the game. Their Multiple offensive sets receive an overall rating of A+.

On defense, the team is almost as solid, with a grade of A. Overall, the team receives an A+ rating.

Oklahoma’s squad is absolutely loaded with talent. On the offensive side of the ball, the standouts are Broyles and Stills at WR and the quarterback Landry Jones.

Defensively, watch out for Lewis at ROLB and Wort and MLB. Hurst is a force in the defensive backfield, as well.

Oklahoma State

The Cowboys of Oklahoma State are another of the Big 12’s most potent offenses. Utilizing the Air Raid scheme, the Cowboys score an A on offense, B on defense, and an overall rating of A-.

The Cowboys’ best player is Justin Blackmon at wide receiver, a very talented, very fast and agile weapon. Throwing to him is standout quarterback Brandon Weedon.

On defense, Brown at CB and Thomas at FS anchor a solid defensive secondary.


Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns are a very consistent squad with a grade of B+ for offense, defense, and overall.

Offensively, Texas utilizes the Pro-style look.

On defense, the Longhorns rely on their dominating defensive tackle, Kheeston Randall and powerful ROLB Robinson.

On offense, look out for Mike Davis at receiver.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M favors Multiple sets on offense.

The Aggies score an A on offense, a B+ on defense, and an overall rating of A-.

Texas A&M has an offensive absolutely loaded with explosive weapons. Michael and Gray at HB, Tannehill at QB, and Fuller at WR all have overall ratings of 91.

On defense, Williams at MLB is the core of the squad.

Texas Tech

The Red Raiders utilize the Air Raid offense. On that side of the ball, they score a rating of B.

Defensively, Texas Tech receives a B, as well, leading to an overall rating of B.

Cody Davis is the ball-hawking safety to avoid on the Red Raider defense.

On the other side of the ball, Torres and Swindall anchor a talented receiving corps.


All references and images from NCAA Football ‘12.

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