NCAA Football '12 Guide to Mountain West Teams: Ratings, Offensive Schemes, and Best Players for Boise State, TCU, UNLV and More

NCAA Football '12 Guide to Mountain West Teams: Ratings, Offensive Schemes, and Best Players for Boise State, TCU, UNLV and More
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The Mountain West is the youngest of college football’s Division I conferences. It’s also a conference in the midst of a major change. Next year’s Mountain West will look radically different from the current version, with TCU leaving for greener pastures and two new schools joining the ranks.

Currently, the conference is made up of eight schools, all of which have unique strengths, weaknesses, and offensive schemes. Our complete guide to the Mountain West Conference in NCAA Football ‘12 has all the info you’ll need, whether you want to take one of these teams to the national championship or simply take them down in pursuit of glory for your chosen team.

Most NCAA Football ‘12 players download custom, named rosters, and accordingly this guide will refer to specific players by name rather than number/position as in the default rosters.

Air Force Falcons

The Falcons utilize the Option attack with their B-rated offense. Defensively, the team receives a grade of B-, adding up to an overall rating of B-.

Four of the team’s five best players start on defense. Watch out for Davis at SS, Waiwaiole and Amack at MLB, and Wright at CB when trying to move the ball against the Falcons.

Offensively, the standout is halfback Asher Clark. He’s fast, agile, and tough to bring down.

Boise State Broncos

Boise State Broncos

The Broncos are a new addition to the conference, and they’re sure to be a contender for the conference title. Boise State features a very potent, A+ offense running Multiple offensive schemes.

On defense, the Broncos score a B+, giving the team an overall score of A.

The star for the Broncos is senior quarterback Kellen Moore. He’s among the most highly-rated players in NCAA Football ‘12. Martin at halfback is very talented, as well.

On the other side of the ball, McClellin at RE and Iloka at SS are the standout players.

Colorado State Rams

Colorado State, hated rival of the Air Force Falcons, features a Pro-style offense.

The Rams receive ratings of C+ for offense, defense, and overall.

Colorado State’s best player is Sisson at ROLB. He’s helped out by Herd, a talented SS.

The Ram offense runs through halfback Chris Nwoke. He runs behind a very solid left side of the offensive line, so make sure you’re prepared to cover that side of the field.

New Mexico Lobos

The Lobos aren’t among the most-feared teams in the conference, with ratings of D for offense, C for defense, and D+ overall.

New Mexico runs the Spread offense.

Carmen Messina is the dominant run stopper at the middle linebacker position.

Offensively, the best weapon for the Lobos is Kirk at WR, but his overall rating is only a 70.

Special teams are worth mentioning, as both Aho the kicker and Skaer the punter are among the top five players on the team.

San Diego State Aztecs

The Aztecs of San Diego State run a Pro-style offense. Ratings-wise, they score a B- overall, with a B for offense and a C+ for defense.

Quarterback Ryan Lindley leads the Aztec offense, backed up by Hillman at halfback.

On defense, be aware of Burris at ROLB, a balanced defender on the right side of the field.

TCU Horned Frogs

TCU Horned Frogs

In their last year as a member of the Mountain West Conference, the Horned Frogs are looking to take advantage of their final shot at a conference championship. To get there, they’ll rely on an A-rated offense running the Spread.

On defense, TCU earns a B+, making their overall rating a solid A-.

TCU’s defense is led by dominant middle linebacker Tanner Brock and Greg McCoy at cornerback.

On offense, the Horned Frogs rely on Wesley at halfback and a pair of talent receivers in Boyce and Hicks.

UNLV Rebels

The Rebels are in a bit of a rebuilding year, as their score of D+ for offense, defense, and overall would seem to indicate.

The UNLV offense runs multiple offensive sets.

UNLV’s best player is their kicker, Kohorst, with a 78 overall rating. He’ll probably do most of the scoring for the Rebels this year.

On offense, three weapons make up the brunt of the UNLV attack: Johnson and Payne at WR and Cornett at halfback.

Defensively, the best player on the team is Bell at left defensive end.

Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming is the land of wide-open spaces, so it makes sense that the Cowboy offense likes to Spread the field.

The Wyoming defense earns a C, the offense gets a D, and the overall rating is a C-.

Wyoming’s best defensive players are Kenny Browder at SS and Brian Hendricks at MLB.

Special teams are another strength for the Cowboys, with both punter and kicker among the top five highest-rated players on the team.

Offensively, halfback Alexander is the most potent weapon with an overall rating of 75.


All screenshots and references from NCAA Football ‘12.

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