NCAA Football '12 ACC Guide: Ratings, Stats, and Best Players for Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami, NC State, and More

NCAA Football '12 ACC Guide: Ratings, Stats, and Best Players for Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami, NC State, and More
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The Atlantic Coast Conference

There are 12 schools in college football’s Atlantic Coast Conference. Our scouting reports will provide you with the lowdown on all of the teams in the ACC, including Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.

Read on for full details on each team’s NCAA Football ‘12 ratings, offensive schemes, and most dominant players. Whether you’re looking to play as one of these fine schools or figure out a way to take them down, we’ve got you covered.

Most NCAA ‘12 players download rosters containing player names, and this guide will refer to players by name, rather than the number/position combination of the default roster.

Boston College

The Boston College Eagles favor the One Back style of offense. They receive a B+ overall rating, with grades of B for offense and B+ for defense.

Boston College has an absolutely dominant MLB in Luke Kuechly. His 97 overall rating makes him a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball.

On offense, the player to watch for is halfback Montell Harris. He’s quick, agile, and has the ability to break tackles.


The Tigers of Clemson run the Spread offense. Their ratings are B+ across the board for offense, defense, and overall.

Clemson’s defensive standouts are Brandon Thompson at defensive tackle and Corico Hawkins at middle linebacker.

On offense, you’ll want to keep track of Dwayne Allen the tight end. He’s fast, strong, and can catch the ball well.


The Blue Devils of Duke are known more for their basketball prowess, but they still manage to put on a decent showing in NCAA Football ‘12. Duke receives an overall rating of B- and scores of B+ on offense and C+ on defense, and runs the Pistol-type offense.

On offense, Duke is led by their 89-rated quarterback, Sean Renfree. He has decent speed and agility for a QB and can throw the ball very accurately. WR Conner Vernon should be his favorite target.

On defense, Matt Daniels at FS is the standout.

Florida State

Florida State Seminoles

Florida State is one of the best ACC teams in the game. On offense, they receive a rating of A, on defense a B+, and overall they have a score of A. The Seminoles make use of multiple offensive sets.

Andrew Datko at left tackle anchors a very solid offensive line for the Seminoles. Halfback Chris Thompson is fast enough to take advantage of the holes they open up.

On defense, you’ll want to watch the right side, as both RE Brandon Jenkins and ROLB Nigel Bradham are defensive standouts for the team.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets are a remarkably consistent team, with ratings of B in all categories. Georgia Tech favors the Option attack on offense.

Georgia Tech has a dual threat at halfback, with both Orwin Smith and Roddy Jones ranking amongst the most skilled players on the team.

Defensively, the Yellow Jackets lean on Julian Burnett at MLB.


The Terrapins of Marlyand are the most terrifying shelled creatures in all of the ACC. The Terp offensive attack scores a B+, defense gets a B, and the team as a whole scores a B+. These turtles aren’t ones to be complacent on offense, they utilize Multiple offensive sets.

Taking the snaps for the Terps is talented QB Danny O’Brien. He, along with halfback Davin Meggett, are the core of the offense.

On defense, watch out for Kenny Tate at free safety and Demetrius Hartsfield at ROLB.


The Hurricanes of Miami were one of the most feared teams of the 1990’s. This year’s team seems to be making a return to form, with an overall rating of A. Offense and defense both score an A-, and Miami runs the Pro-style offense.

Miami’s defense is led by Ray Ray Armstrong at strong safety. With a 94 overall rating, you’ll want to avoid throwing in his direction whenever possible.

Lamar Miller is the star of the offense. He, along with quarterback Jacory Harris, makes the Hurricane offense work.

North Carolina

Michael Jordan’s alma mater, North Carolina, utilizes the Pro-style offensive attack. The Tar Heels receive a B+ in all three rating categories.

Running up the middle is ill-advised against the Tar Heels with Quinton Coples at DT and Kevin Reddick at MLB.

On the other side of the ball, wide receiver Dwight Jones is the weapon to watch out for.

North Carolina State

The Wolfpack of NC State utilize Multiple offensive attacks with their B-rated offense. On defense, the team scores a B, leading to an overall score of B+.

Defense is the name of the game for the Wolfpack, with strong players at the SSS, LOLB, FS, and ROLB positions.

On offense, tight end George Bryan and halfback Mustafa Greene lead the team.


Defense is the strong point of the Cavaliers team, receiving a rating of B. Their Pro-style offense receives a B-, giving the team an overall score of B.

On offense, the Cavaliers’ best player is Kris Burd at wide receiver.

As for defense, you’ll want to watch out for Chase Minnifield at CB and a very solid linebacking corps.

Virginia Tech

Miami vs Virginia Tech

The Hokies of Virginia Tech utilize Multiple offensive sets with their B+ rated offense. On defense, the Hokies rate a B+, giving the team an overall rating of A-.

Defensively, the Hokies are lead by Jayron Hosley at CB and Bruce Taylor at LOLB.

On the offensive side of the ball, halfback David Wilson and WR Jarrett Boykin are the players to watch out for.

Wake Forest

The final team in the ACC, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, receive a C+ in all three ratings categories. They utilize the Spread offense.

The Wake Forest defense is led by Quarles at SS and Wilber at ROLB.

On offense, the Demon Decons rely on a solid offensive line and the play of WR Chris Givens.


All References and Images from NCAA Football ‘12.

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