Mass Effect 2 Special Ingredients

Mass Effect 2 Special Ingredients
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Mass Effect 2 Special Ingredients - Getting Started

The Normandy’s cook is in need of some ingredients, and it’s up to you to get them before the galaxy as we know it is destr – okay, this might not be the most exciting of Assignments, but it’s still one that you should consider doing purely for the rewards.

As I’ve just said, Mess Sergeant Gardner –the cook has a name– requires “special” ingredients in order to make better food for the crew (take the elevator inside the Normandy and look for “Mess Hall”). While in dialogue with him, it becomes evident that he doesn’t expect you to accept the task, saying that Shepherd probably has better things to do than “grocery shopping.” Of course, you’ll be more than happy to do it for him, so sway him to think otherwise.

Once that’s over with, and you’ve gotten the Assignment, it’s time to find these ingredients.

Mass Effect 2 Special Ingredients - Finding The Ingredients

What you’ll need to do now is head straight for the Citadel. Once there, find a Transporter and choose Level 27. This is the part where most people attempting this Assignment gets lost – I am one of those people, by the way. You’re most probably wondering how an assignment that requires you to pick up food can cause people to get lost. Level 27 isn’t the easiest place to navigate through, especially if you haven’t even been given the name of the store you’re supposed to purchase these ingredients from.

The place you need to pick up these ingredients from is called “Zakera Cafe.” In order to find it, you’ll need to be in the Zakera Ward’s Mid-Wards District.

Once you’ve found that, finding the Cafe should be pretty easy. If however, for whatever reason, you still can’t find it, refer to the image on the right – as you can clearly see, the Cafe has two large signs; one on the left and the other on the right bothing reading “Zakera Cafe.”

Obviously, you’re gonna need to head inside now. Once in, purchase the “High-Grade Provision” item for 500 Credits.

Now that you’ve gotten the ingredients, head back to the Normandy.

Completing Mass Effect 2 Special Ingredients

All that remains for you to do now is to enter the Mess Hall and speak with Mess Sergeant Gardner to complete this assignment. He’ll be thankful that you did this for him and the crew can now eat better meals – not that if affects the overall performance of your squad.

The only reward you’ll gain from this is 40 experience points.

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