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Mass Effect Privateers
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Getting Started

In order to get this Assignment started, you’ll need to find a man named Garoth in the Citadel Tower. Once in dialogue with him, he’ll ask if you can help him find his brother. Williams’ –his brother– last known location was aboard the MSV Majesty. Garoth believes that the ship is either suffering from a mechanical failure or privateers have taken it over.

Head for the Horse Head Nebula and enter the Strenuus system. Once there, search around the planet Xawin for the MSV Majesty. Once you’ve scanned the ship, you’ll see a radiation trail – you can now land on the planet Xawin. Until you’ve scanned the Majesty, you cannot land on Xawin.

On Your Mako

Once you’ve touched down on planet Xawin in your Mako, head Northwest from the landing site – this is where you’ll find a base occupied by mercenaries. Alternatively, if you’re having a hard time finding the base, simply refer to your map.

Exercise extreme caution as you approach the base in your Mako as it’s heavily defended. In total, there are four Alliance Heavy Turrets and four Mercenary Snipers guarding the outside. It doesn’t matter which way you’re going to attack from; always go for the Heavy Turrets first as they can destroy your Mako in a matter of seconds.


The Snipers aren’t too big of a deal. They do, however, tend to use the Assignation ability which can completely remove any shield amount that your Mako has at the time. It’s also worth noting that the planet Xawin has a Level One Cold Hazard, so if you’re planning on stepping out, make sure it’s quick or else you’ll die.

Once the outside has been cleared, step out of your Mako and run inside the base.

Inside The Base

Okay, this is where things get tough. It’s highly recommended that –if possible– you save right now, before getting into a fire-fight. When you enter the main room there will be an enemy on your right. There are a couple of explosive canisters next to him, shoot them. At the same time two Krogan will, literally, charge towards you and your squad – find cover right away and unleash your abilities on them both. Lift, Throw, Sabotage; whatever you have available.

On top of the above-mentioned enemies, there will also be more Mercenary Snipers. Don’t take too much notice of these as the amount of obstacles preventing them from aiming at you is sufficient enough for them to make a few mistakes – I’m not saying “completely ignore them”, just don’t focus the majority of your fire-power and abilities on them until you’ve taken out the real threats.

Once you’ve dealt with all the hostile forces, head straight to the room up on the second floor. You will find Williem’s on the floor – he’s been killed.

You now need to inform his brother.

Assignment Complete

Return to the Citadel and find Garoth. He will be in the same location from when you first spoke to him. Depending on how you inform him, you will either earn Paragon or Renegade points. You must inform Garoth about Williem’s death – it’s the only way to complete it.

There are no specific rewards. Just the experience points, credits and items that you’ve undoubtedly acquired from the fire-fight.

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