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Mass Effect 2 Assignments Guide: Serrice Ice Brandy

by: HarryMonogenis ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

Need help with the Serrice Ice Brandy Assignment in Mass Effect 2? This guide has you covered.

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    Mass Effect 2 Serrice Ice Brandy - Getting Started

    In order to begin the Serrice Ice Brandy Assignment in Mass Effect 2, you're going to need to need to head on over to the Normandy (the new one, not the original one from Mass Effect) and head down to the Crews Quarters section of the ship. dr 

    Once there, seek out Doctor Chakwas and ask her if she requires any assistance. Doing this will reveal that Doctor Chakwas lost a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy during the attack on the original Normandy ship. She has tried to find another bottle, but she states quite simply that she has been unable to acquire another one.

    Obviously, you're going to need to accept her request in order for the Assignment to be active. Once you've done that, it's time to find a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy. There are several locations in which a bottle can be obtained.

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    Mass Effect 2 Serrice Ice Brandy - Where To Find The Ice Brandy

    In total, there are four different locations in which a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy can be obtained. The first location is on Omega, inside the Afterlife Club. The bottle can be found next to a bartender on the table -- approach the bartender and ask about it. He will ask for 1000 Credits. The Afterlife club on Omega 

    The second place to obtain a bottle is on the Citadel. Once there, simply head on over to the Dark Star Lounge and purchase one Serrice Ice Brandy bottle. Just like the one found on Omega, it's going to cost you 1000 Credits.

    Your third option is on Tuchanka. Once on said planet, find Ratch's shop. Just like the two above-mentioned alternatives, you will be asked for 1000 Credits.

    Your final option is to head on over to Illium and straight for a place called Eternity. Once inside, speak to the bartender and then seek out the drink kiosk. Like the other options, you will be charged 1000 Credits. It doesn't matter which one of these options you pick -- it will not affect the Assignment's ending in anyway, shape or form. Once you've obtained a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy, head back to your ship.

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    Mass Effect 2 Serrice Ice Brandy - Assignment Complete

    Once back inside the Normandy, seek out Doctor Chakwas once more and hand her the bottle. You will be asked by Chakwas to sit down and have a drink -- it is advised that you accept as it's the only way to obtain the rewards this Assignment contains upon completing it. Refusing to have a drink will still get the Assignment complete and marked on your Journal, but no rewards.me2 

    Once you've accepted, you and the Doctor will engage in conversation where she touches on several subjects depending on who died in the first Mass Effect game. After the conversation is over, you will find it harder to walk for a couple of minutes due to the effects the drink had on you. It's nothing serious; the camera will just blur and move around.

    For completing the Assignment, you will earn the following rewards:

    • Medi-Gel Capacity (Microscanner) Upgrade
    • 40 Experience Points