Mass Effect Distress Call Guide

Mass Effect Distress Call Guide
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Mass Effect Distress Call Guide

Assignments, as I’m sure you all know, are basically the side-quests of Mass Effect. Some of these Assignments might help you unlock new locations, weapons for purchase, or even help with your current relationships among certain individuals. Other Assignments might not offer these, instead, they might just offer you XP and Credits. Either way, they’re helpful.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete the “Distress Call” Assignment.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get this assignment. The first way requires you to scout around the Citadel for hackable terminals. The specific terminal is found in the location where you first get to move around in the Citadel after your mission on Eden Prime.


The second, and easiest, way of getting this assignment would be to head over to the Hydra System and orbit –basically click on– the planet Metgos. Once you’ve done that, Joker will pick up a transmission – a distress call – and relay it to you.

The assignment should now appear in your Journal.

The Walkthrough

Once you’ve landed on the planet with your Mako, the signal should be shown on your map – it is to the south of your landing position. As you approach the beacon’s origin, you discover that it’s coming from a crashed medical ship.

As soon as the medical ship is see-able, one of your squad members will express their concern about it saying that they have a bad feeling about this whole assignment.

Mass Effect

When your Mako is closer to the ship, Geth will come out – it’s a trap. The types of Geth that appear are as follows:

  • Two Geth Armatures
  • Two Geth Rocket Drones
  • Three Geth Rocket Troopers

They possess strong weapons, and they have a high amount of shield protection. However their health is pretty low.

There are two different ways you can go about killing the Geth. The first way would be to simply kill the Geth from whilst inside your Mako. This is the recommended choice, as Metgos is a Level 2 Hazard – meaning that if you’re outside for a while you will die. Blasts from the Mako’s cannon is all that it takes to deal with them. Try to ensure that the shots are direct hits for maximum effect.

The other option, whilst more challenging, will grant you extra experience points for each kill; getting out of the Mako and dealing with the Geth on foot. You should only attempt this if you have a good idea of how combat works in Mass Effect. It’s also recommended that you use your squad members’ “biotics” and/or “tech” as early as possible – this ensures that they are weakened, allowing you to take them out with little-to-no trouble.

Once all threats have been dealt with, the assignment ends. It turns out that the Geth were using the beacon found in the crashed medical ship to trick Alliance soldiers into an ambush.

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