Mass Effect 2 Eclipse Smuggling Depot

Mass Effect 2 Eclipse Smuggling Depot
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Getting Started

A smuggling depot owned by the Eclipse has been discovered on planet Daratar. Cerberus is willing to be a reasonable sum of Credits for any amount of cargo recovered from the smuggling site. The contents of this cargo is, for some reason, appealing to Cerberus – which is why they’re willing to pay.

There are two ways to acquire this assignment. The first way is by giving Aria a datapad that you recovered from Garrus' recruitment mission. Once given, Aria will provide you with co-ordinates to a smuggling depot – she says that anything you find is yours. Cerberus will then contact you and ask to recover as many cargo as possible.

The other way involves you simply scanning the planet Daratar, which is found in the Fayar System (Hourglass Nebula), until you discover the depot. You will then be given a message –it pops up on the screen– telling you that Cerberus operatives that acquire the crates from the location will be paid a handsome sum of Credits.

Once you’ve acquired the assignment, land on Daratar.

On Planet Daratar

Upon landing, your ship will be discovered by the three YMIR Mechs that are guarding the cargo. Due to their programming, the Mechs will then begin destroying said cargo in an attempt to hide any evidence. Your objective now is to stop these three Mechs from destroying the 20 crates found throughout the depot.

These Mech are not easy to deal with – let me tell you right now. It’s highly recommended that you go in with the M-100 Grenade Launcher, or any other form of explosive weapon(s). On top of that, carefully choose the two squad mates that are to assist you on this assignment. Pick the ones that can disable enemy weapons and weaken shields/armour; Whichever your choice may be, I personally recommend that at least one of them be Miranda due to her Overload ability.


Upon seeing you, the Mech will begin destroying crates immediately. This is where you need to remain calm. Focus on the one in the middle first – shooting at a Mech will cause them to stop destroying crates and open fire on you; simply shooting all three of them will not cause the other two to stop, so don’t bother. Next you should go for the one on the left, and finally the one on the right.

As I’ve stated above, these Mech will not be easy. Not only are they equipped with a machine-gun like primary weapons which can rip you to shreds in no time, but once in a while they’ll unleash their rockets which –once hit by– will cause you to temporarily stop moving, giving them time to use their primary weapon to take you and your squad out. Obviously, then, you should seek cover behind the rocks when possible and use abilities as frequently as possible.

Note: You can send in your squad to do damage while you remain back while telling them which abilities to use – while this is a safe way, it can also fail if your squad get taken out which will result in the Mechs destroying the crates while you’re left hopelessly outnumbered.

Assignment Complete

Once the Mechs have been destroyed, a message will pop-up on the screen telling you that you’ve completed your assignment, and will be asked whether or not you’d like to leave. If you leave, you will get the mission summary and will be back on your ship.

Each crate that you save grants 156 experience points. You will also receive 3,750 Credits from Cerberus.

The assignment is now over.

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