Mass Effect 2 Lost Operative

Mass Effect 2 Lost Operative
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Mass Effect 2 Lost Operative - Getting Started

Acquiring this Assignment is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do –if you’ve haven’t done it already– is complete one mission after you’ve acquired the new Normandy ship. That’s it. Once you’ve done that, you should get a message in your Private Terminal sent by Cerberus Command telling you that one of Cerberus' operatives have gone missing that has with him some very valuable data. They believe he’s being held at an Eclipse base.

Be sure to read the message so the assignment appears in your Journal.

Head over to Omega Nebula, then the Fathar System. Once there, find the planet Lorek and scan it until you’re able to land on it – you’ll hear a transmission, but you won’t be able to understand it until you’ve discovered the source, nor will you be able to land on it.

Mass Effect 2 Lost Operative - On Planet Lorek

Once you’ve landed on planet Lorek, head straight up the ramp and into the building. Inside the building you will encounter several Eclipse Troopers, as well as an Eclipse Vanguard. At this point you’ll need to find cover, and fast. They’re not exactly the hardest enemies to neutralise, but still, it’s worth taking the precaution.

Once you’ve dealt with those, don’t come out of cover as more will come. Again, it’ll be several more Eclipse Troopers and one Eclipse Vanguard. This wave will come out of the door opposite to your position, and as such will try to flank you and/or rush you. Don’t make any silly mistakes; stay in cover and use your abilities – Shockwave, Lift, things like that.

Once all threats have been dealt with, scout around for a terminal. Access it and read the interrogation logs regarding the Cerberus Operative. You’ll learn that he died during said interrogation. What you’ll need to do now is bypass the door panel (should be near the terminal) and enter into the next room.


Be sure to put your squad members into cover (one on each side of the door you’re about to open) as this room has much more enemies. Expect Eclipse Troopers, another Eclipse Vanguard and your biggest threat, Morl.

Morl has a high amount of shields and armour, though once he’s been depleted of both, his health is significantly easier to go through. He’s equipped with a Tempest-M9 which is not only surprisingly accurate, but can also take down your shields insanely quick – another reason to stay in cover for as long as possible.

Mass Effect 2 Lost Operative - Assignment Complete

Once you’ve taken care of the enemies, head on over to the door on the right (it’s the door that Morl entered from) and follow the path to the other door. You’ll need to bypass this door. Once you’ve done that, a small, unpleasant, cinematic scene will follow. Once that’s over, head on over to the computer and access it.

You’ll now need to decide where to send the information to. Your options are as follow:

  • Keep the data for yourself
  • Upload the data to Alliance Command
  • Upload the data to Cerberus Command

The rewards you will obtain are as follows:

  • Experience Points - 125
  • Credits - 3,750

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