Mass Effect Hostage

Mass Effect Hostage
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Getting Started

A group of angry biotics have kidnapped the chairman of the Parliament Subcommittee on Transhuman Studies and are holding him hostage inside a freighter.

There are three ways in which to start this Assignment. The first, and most common, is to get a message from Admiral Hackett of Alliance Command – he’ll explain everything to you, and you’re set.

The second way is to listen to a news report while inside an elevator in the Citadel, and the third way would be to head to the freighter yourself by entering the Farinata System and locating the freighter.

For this assignment, you’re going to need to be heavily equipped. If your class choice stops you from doing this, ensure that the squad mates you pick are well equipped. Once you’re ready, head for the freighter – remember the three options.

Inside The Freighter

Once inside, head straight for the next door. Be warned, once spotted by the hostile biotic Terrorists inside the next room, a th

Hostage room

ree minute counter will begin on the top of your screen and someone will shout “shoot the hostage.” If you don’t make it to the chairman in those three minutes, he will be shot. There is plenty of cover to be found, but also plenty of biotics.

These Terrorists are known to rush, so you’re going to want to take out your –and squad members’– Shotgun. Try your best to not get cornered; it’s extremely easy to do so when a group of them rushes towards you. If possible, make full use of your abilities, as well as your squad members. It’s recommended that you use biotics that harm them, as opposed to just disabling their weapons for a few seconds – if you have the compatible class, make sure to use Lift and Throw when several enemies are grouped together.

The Terrorists are –for the most part– only equipped with a standard Pistol, but they use their biotic powers frequently to knock you and your squad mates down, giving them plenty of time to shoot at you. If you get cornered by them, try your


up-most best to run past them and into a safer area.

Once you have dealt with the Terrorists, proceed forward until you see another door. Once opened, you will engage in dialogue with the leader.

Saving The Chairman

You’ll quickly see that the leader is on edge. He thinks that the only way to get anyone’s attention is by shooting the chairman. The reason why they are doing this is because they’re angry at how L2s are suffering and state that something like this will get the attention they deserve.

If at any time you pick the “Take Them Down” option, the chairman will be shot and a fire fight will begin. There are only three Terrorists to kill, with the leader being your only real threat. Be sure to focus abilities such as Lift, Throw, and Sabotage on the leader before worrying about the other two.


Alternatively, you can prevent a fight, and actually save the chairman. To do this, you’ll need a high amount of either Charm or Intimidate.

Using Charm will stop the chairman from being killed, prevent a fire-fight and grant you 8 Paragon points, while Intimidate will grant all of that (excluding Paragon point) but this time a total of 9 Renegade points.

Assignment Complete

There are two different endings to this – as you most probably already know. The first sees the chairman being left unharmed by the Terrorists, while avoiding a fire-fight at the same time. The second ending sees the chairman being killed, followed by a relatively short fire-fight in which you kill the leader.

The rewards you will obtain are:

  • Experience Points - you will acquire quite a large sum of XP from the enemies that you kill prior to your confrontation with the leader.
  • Credits - Again, this is only actually given while in combat.

There are no quest specific rewards.

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