Mass Effect Espionage Probe Guide

Mass Effect Espionage Probe Guide
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This Assignment is defiantly no “Rogue VI", but trust me, walking into this assignment without any knowledge of what to expect is, quite frankly, a silly thing to do. There are several key elements to this side-quest that anyone attempting it should know – you might as well get the full details while you’re at it, no?

Everything you need is here; requirements, rewards, the ending and of course, the full detailed walk-through.

Getting Started

An old Alliance espionage probe has sent a “mission complete” signal to the Alliance fleet. This is bad. Those probes contained nuclear bombs. If the Citadel find out about what the humans were trying to do – keep in mind these probes were sent a very long time ago, before fully establishing contact with “aliens” – the human race, most notably the Alliance itself, will have their current reputation (which isn’t exactly good right now) shattered.

There are two ways to begin this assignment. The first, and easiest, way is to simply head on over to the Voyager Cluster, and enter the Amazon system. Admiral Hackett will get in contact with you and explain what he needs done.


The second way sees you hacking a terminal in either Feros or Zhu’s Hope – it’ll take you a while to find which one though, so stick with the first option.

The planet you’ll need to go to is called Agebinium. There isn’t a level requirement, but it’s advised that you go in prepared for a large-scale battle. Make your squad choice based on this information.


Once you’ve landed on the planet’s surface inside your Mako, the first thing you should do is refer to your map. Scan around the map until you see a marked object named “Alliance Homing Beacon.” That’s where you need to go. There are no threats to be wary of as you’re making your way there – in other words, you won’t run into any enemies while on your Mako.


Once there, you’ll see a mine. Head inside.

Inside The Mine

Once you’re inside, the obvious thing to do is run straight for the end – yes, that’s what you do. Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll see that you’ve fallen into a trap set-up by Elanos Haliat. Elanos is the man responsible for the Skyllian Blitz. If your version of Shepard has the “War Hero” background, Elanos Haliat will say that he’s doing this to get revenge for what happened there – for those of you unaware, Shepherd stopped the Skyllan Blitz, which resulted in Elanos losing his reputation among his band of pirates.


He’s speaking through a hologram on the nuclear device itself, and sets it into overload in an attempt to kill you. You only have 10 seconds to stop the bomb from detonating.

To stop it, you’ll need to click on three different parts of the bomb. Each time you do so, you’ll be presented with a mini-game simular to those when you try hacking into terminals or weapon locks. Every time one is presented to you the time will freeze – so don’t panic. The mini-games are seemingly much slower, but also last much longer.

Alternatively, you can use omni-gel. Each part will cost 100 units.

Once you’ve disabled the bomb; it’s time to get out. You’ll quickly see that the route you took to come in is now covered in rubble. Head for the door that was at first inaccessible. You should now be outside.

Time For Revenge

The first thing you’ll notice upon exiting the mine is that you’re in a much higher position – you might even be surprised at first. If you were, shake it off because things are about to get tough.

If you look down, you’ll quickly see that your precious Mako is now in the hands of pesky pirates. If you scan the area, you’ll also see Elanos Haliat inside a make-shift tent. I know what you’re thinking: you want to shoot him down, don’t you? Well hold on. There are a lot of pirates down there protecting him – and they’re heavily armed.

Pirate - sniper salarian

You can go about this two ways. The first, which is recommended, sees you running towards your Mako as fast as possible. Once inside, you shouldn’t have much trouble running them over and blasting them across the sky.

Your other option sees you –or your squad members– taking out the Sniper Rifle and picking off targets. If things get a little too heated but you wish to continue fighting them on-foot, head down and take cover behind one of the many boxes. You should then take out your Shotgun –only if your Sheperd is trained with it– and continue to pick off targets.

Assignment Complete

Towards the end of the battle, you should come across Elanos Haliat and kill him like any other enemy. Once this is done –bearing in mind that you’ve killed everyone else– you should get a message telling you that he’s dead, and informs you to get out of there.

There are no real rewards, other than the Credit and experience points gathered from eliminating all those pirates – trust me, you’ll get a lot from doing it.

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