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    • The Ultimate Guide to Mafia 2
      From Goodfellas to The Godfather, Mafia 2 is a sum of all things mobster. Mafia 2 was released to critical acclaim in August of 2010. So leave your guns, take your cannolis and check out the ultimate Mafia 2 guide to learn everything about this masterpiece mobster game.
    • Mafia 2 - Fighting the Wild Ones
      Nothing is ever simple in Mafia 2. Our day of selling stolen cigarettes is ruined by a few well armed greasers. This naturally leads to a fairly profitable day of retribution though, so it's a fairly good day overall. If you need help with the greasers or the cigarettes, look here.
    • Mafia 2 - Raiding Mr. Wong's Lab
      We're on a mission of revenge for this one. We need to kill Mr. Wong and try to get our money back from his hideout at the Red Dragon. I'll walk you through the long firefight in the restaurant and the stealth section in the drug lab and finish off with instructions for a clean escape.
    • Mafia 2 - Humble Beginnings
      Mafia 2 starts out in World War II. We're taking part in Operation Husky and we need to storm an Italian town hall to rescue some prisoners and take out the soldiers hunting for the resistance. If you need some help fighting through the first level of Mafia 2, then look here.
    • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Car Theft Missions
      In Jimmy's Vendetta, you can steal a number of cars. This include some fast driving missions and a few unique challenges. I'll tell you how to steal all of the cars successfully and ultimately work your way up to the "Carnapper" achievement in Jimmy's Vendetta.
    • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9: Balls and Beans
      This is our big mission. Luca has been up to no good and probably kidnapped the accountant for the Falcone family. I'll help you tail Luca and then sneak into the slaughterhouse to save the day. If you need help rescuing Balls and Beans, then look here.
    • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Playboy Locations - Chapters 1-8
      There are 50 playboys spread through the Mafia 2 world. If you'd like to find all 50 and get the achievement for "Ladies Man" then just look here. I'll help you find all 50 as they are spread out in the 15 chapters. If you want to find them fast or not have to backtrack, look here.
    • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Italian Missions
      Jimmy is getting revenge on the two men that betrayed him and put him in jail. This part of the Mafia 2 walkthrough will cover how to complete all of the Italian missions and work your way up to killing Sal Gravino to complete your quest for revenge.
    • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Irish Missions and the Big Boss
      Jimmy is continuing his quest for vengeance. We're going to have to take down the Irish gang and kill Tam Brodie to get our revenge against this traitor. At the end, we'll also figure out how to kill The Big Boss to complete Jimmy's Vendetta.
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