Who Has The Best Team On Madden 11?

Who Has The Best Team On Madden 11?
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Who Is The Best Team on Madden 11?

Who is the best team on Madden 11? It is a question asked of any new entry into the NFL based franchise of games and one that many like to know the answer to. It isn’t just a case of each teams overall rating however, as play-style and squad depth are also integral factors in determining how good a team really is. This article concentrates on providing several options as to the question of who is the best team on Madden 11 while providing analysis based on more than just the overall rating the game presents when choosing a team.

Best Team on Madden 11 By Overall Ratings

With this being said, we will address the overall ratings and their impact on the question of best team in Madden 11 before knit-picking squads and positional strengths. As Madden 11 hit store shelves, the 2010 season was still a month away, leaving procrastination on player ratings etcetera to last season and the pre-season form book. With that in mind, the 2009 Super Bowl (XLIV) winners were a lock for best overall rating, with their challengers being second behind them. Unsurprisingly, the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts were the top teams with an overall rating of 92 and 91 respectively.

This pre-season ratings ladder was changed dramatically throughout the season, as EA Tiburon consistently sent out updated rosters and patches for the game, leading into the playoff schedule and post-season. With the final update coming after the improbable Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win, a very different overall ratings ladder was now in place, which would likely not change until a new Madden is released. Super Bowl XLV runners-up the Pittsburgh Steelers were second behind the newly crowned Packers with a 92 and 94 rating overall. Behind them, the New England Patriots remained the only other team with an overall in the nineties (at 90).

Madden 11 - Team Ratings & Best Online Choices

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The overall numbers may give a rough indication of how strong a team is, but it comes down to much more than just an aggregate, especially when comparing the key positions and squad depth some teams enjoy. For instance, the Raiders have a mid-to-low rating of 78 overall yet maintain one of the fastest teams in any Madden game. Furthermore, mainly in online games, the emphasis on threatening Running Backs makes teams like the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans doubly effective and hard to stop in their rushing game. Also worth mentioning are the Saints, who have one of the best offences and quarterback combinations in the game.

There are plenty of teams that can claim to be the best team on Madden 11. While the statistics and rating system favours the likes of Green Bay or Pittsburgh, the games reliance on quick runners and exceptional cornerbacks means Oakland have a crack at being one of the favoured teams in the game. It is all down to style however, as a defence minded player could easily pick the Detroit Lions or New York Jets to begin with, while a pass oriented offensive player may look to Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay or Tom Brady’s New England. With the franchise mode allowing for years of play and multiple drafts, the ability to carve a dynasty is there.

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