How To Sim In A Game On Madden 11

How To Sim In A Game On Madden 11
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Want To Know How To Sim In A Game On Madden 11?

In Madden 11, simulation of games and important regular or off-season events (such as the draft or free agency) is a coveted feature of the franchise game mode, allowing players to play through multiple seasons without the requirement of stepping onto the field and playing each game. There are many reasons to use this feature, as it allows players to manage their team independently of its on-field actions. This article attempts to answer the question of Madden 11 simulation, being able to create some faux-coach mode for yourself and how to sim in a game on Madden 11 as opposed to outside of it completely.

Madden 11 Simulation Guide - Basics

As previously stated, the Madden 11 simulation is not exclusively reserved for the entirety of a game. Instead, players can enter a matchup and simulate a portion of the game clock if they so desire. This choice of in-game simulation opens up between plays and is found in the “coaching options” sub-heading on the menu accessed by the start button. Doing this will allow the player to simulate plays, with a top-down screen and play-by-play text commenting on the simulated action. Furthermore, players have the option to stop the Madden 11 simulation at any time, to take control of the game at the point they stopped it.

With the question of how to sim a game on Madden 11 answered, it’s time to look into the franchise mode simulation of entire games or events like drafting etcetera. During the sixteen game regular season, players have the option of either playing or simulating each of their matches. This option is presented when the player hits the start button from the main franchise mode menu. If the “play a game” option is chosen, then they will be taken to the load screen and eventually the in-game preamble. If the “sim game” option is selected, players will advance to the next week, with the teams facing each other in a simulated affair.

Madden 11 Simulation Advantages

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There are advantages to simulating games on Madden 11. Firstly, slogging through years of games against the sometimes infuriating or frustrating CPU controlled teams can ingratiate itself on the player. Furthermore, the ability to role-play as a coach or general manager and take yourself out of the matchday by simulating it, makes for a more realistic management mode (akin to other sports management games like Football Manager). In addition to this, the ability to simulate the NFL playoff’s, free agency, re-signings and the coveted NFL draft can offer players the option to entertain only what they want to and delegate the rest to the game’s AI.

Madden 11 simulation is an enjoyable tool for several different reasons. It helps speed up the laborious franchise mode or can give a greater sense of management realism. With the ability to simulate a set or limited number of plays during a game as opposed to the full game also in Madden 11, simulation is an all encompassing mechanic given to players. Carving out your own experience from a game is often the most important element to your personal opinion of it. Madden 11 does a great job of allowing you to create and simulate the franchise portion of the game in a manner befitting personal preference or taste.