Which Team Has The Best Defense - Madden NFL 11

Which Team Has The Best Defense - Madden NFL 11
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Which Team Has The Best Defense - Madden 11

American Football is a game of two halves. Not only will the offense account for touchdowns, passing & the rushing game, but the defense will stop the opposing teams chances of scoring with effective coverage, blitzing and tackling. In the Madden series of video games, it isn’t necessarily the numbers or overall ratings that dictate how effective a defense can be, but the onus is on the skill level and specific play-style of the player using that picked team. The best defense in Madden 11 is often accentuated and therefore created in part by the player himself. This article looks into the ratings system and seeks to find out who has the best defense in Madden 11.

Madden 11 - Defense Ratings

EA Tiburon’s last Madden 11 update – released just before Super Bowl XLV – brings some 320+ tweaks and changes to the roster as well as improving or downgrading certain teams overall ratings. To find out these ratings, players can enter a new franchise mode and sift through the team select screen, where the overall, offense and defensive ratings are all displayed along with key players of all the teams. The latest update builds on the previous nineteen, by modifying the playoff teams and reimbursing injured players back into the depth chart. Due to the real life NFL post-season, some teams have been upgraded depending on their performance.

The New England Patriots – owning the best defense of the season statistically in real life – have been afforded an impressive defensive rating of 87. The Pittsburgh Steelers continue to reign terror on opponents offenses, with a rating of 88 and players like Lamarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, Troy Polamalu and Casey Hampton providing excellent zone and pass coverage. Reigning Super Bowl champions Green Bay have the joint best overall defense rating with a total of 89, with the help of two all-pro cornerbacks in Tramon Williams & Charles Woodson, Linebackers such as AJ Hawk, Clay Matthews III and break out star B.J. Raji. Bart Scott’s New York Jets tie the Packers for top defense overall.

Madden 11 - Best Defense Online

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The statistical ratings aren’t necessarily the optimal way of defining the best defense. Madden 11‘s final update may take a couple of notches off some of the better cornerbacks in the game, but Oakland Raiders Nnamdi Asomugha is still the marquee name on a defense full of speed and exceptional coverage abilities. This helps the Raiders to be one of the most chosen teams in the online portions of Madden 11. Another surprising online and franchise pick are the Detroit Lions with rookie nose tackle Ndamukong Suh being the center-piece of their defensive line. Another under-the-radar pick would be the Baltimore Ravens, with Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs holding the scrimmage line and Ray Lewis playmaking behind them.

So, who has the best defense? Madden 11 offers 32 different teams and a wealth of depth chart options for the would-be online master or franchise owner. It isn’t dependent on whether the statistics or ratings are highest, but on how the players and their specific attributes can mould around your individual play-style. Playing around with different defensive formations and searching for the right combination of linebackers or defensive ends to compliment the squad as a whole. For aggression, it’s Hawk, Matthews & Bishop of Green Bay. For speed, it’s the Oakland Raiders and their phenomenal cornerbacks. For everything else, it’s worth investing time in discovering what fits your scheme.

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