Playstation 3 Gamers' Guide to What's New With Madden NFL 10: Things You Cannot Miss!

Playstation 3 Gamers' Guide to What's New With Madden NFL 10: Things You Cannot Miss!
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New in Madden NFL 10: Stretched Ratings

Madden NFL 10 contains new features that help to create a more realistic NFL football experience for the gamer to enjoy. To this end EA has put together a revamped feature set, including some massive alterations to game play that improve the experience and make it more realistic. Let’s take a look at the changes EA has made from last year’s Madden and how they’re going to affect your Madden-time.

Madden NFL over the years has added new player ratings, but only a handful of the ratings actually change the play on the field. In an effort to make this year’s Madden a little more like a football simulation EA has accurately differentiating between players and stretched the ratings out a little. How does this affect the play on the field? They have used a wider range of ratings which results in a wider range of player skill. For example, man coverage ratings range from 0 - 99. If a cornerback has a rating of 59, he isn’t going to cover the receiver well in man-to-man coverage, while a cornerback with a rating of 96 will be almost impossible to throw against in man-to-man.


Madden NFL 10 a great football simulation

Also New to Madden NFL 10: Game Speed/Speed Threshold

When you first start up Madden NFL 10 you’ll notice the game play has slowed down a bit from previous Madden editions. EA did this to make the speed of the game more in tune with human reflexes and the real game. The new speed of the game actually allows you to see the holes as they open when running the ball and allows you to see the play develop better when dropping back to throw a pass. The default speed of the game is set to slow when you start up the game, while the on line game play will be set to normal. You can alter the speed of the game to one that is better for you by going into the game options menu. There are five game speeds included with Madden NFL 10. Very slow, slow, normal, fast, and very fast.

A player’s speed differential slider has also been added. This slider compresses the range of speeds between players. The value ranges 0 - 100 with 50 being the default setting, a lower speed differential means that faster players have a much faster speed than the slower runners, while a higher rating tightens things up a bit.

New to Madden NFL 10:Turn/Rates/Momentum

The locomotion and animations for players have been revamped for this season. One of the big changes is to the “turn rate” of a player and the distance it takes him to run in a complete circle at varying speeds. For instance, at full speed players take wider angles; conversely, players jogging will not take as wide an angle when they turn.

Wide Receiver and Defensive Back Interactions have been changes in Madden NFL 10

They have added new animations between receivers and defensive backs. Receivers with higher route running ratings will be able to get in and out of cuts quicker in man coverage. They have also added jostling between defensive backs and receivers which will allow slower defensive backs to cover faster receivers using proper technique.

The New AI in Madden NFL 10 will adapt to your tactics

Previous years players could abuse the AI in Madden NFL 10 once they learned which plays exposed the weaknesses of the artificial intelligence. This year the AI has been designed to adapt to you and counter any money plays that you have found in its defenses. In theory, this should mean that the AI will adapt to your money plays after you have used them a few times and force you to find another hole. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a consideration in situations where you’re playing a live human.

You’ll Have to Fight for a Fumble in Madden NFL 10

In previous Madden editions fumbles were a random affair. In Madden NFL 10 you can experience the pileup that ensues with a fumble without ever getting dirty. If you press the designated buttons quickly after the new interface pops up, you can be a factor in who will get the ball after a fumble. The Fight for the Fumble feature does factor in the number of players for each team near the ball and the relative strengths of each player in the fight.

Injuries During the Season Will Effect Your Season in Madden NFL 10

If Madden NFL 10 was going to be more realistic they needed to tweak the injury system they have used in previous years. Injuries will have a major effect on your season this year by changing games and possibly the franchise. They added more suspense surrounding the injuries by delaying the injury reports. This year you will be prompted to either let the injured player continue or sub for him. Players who are hurt and still playing will find their ratings negatively affected depending on the injury. Injured players will limp as they move around and injuries during special team plays have been increased in Madden NFL 10. The list of injuries your players can receive has been increased to include every injury possible.

Online Franchise Mode Has Been Added to Madden NFL 10

A feature that Madden fanatics have been screaming for is Online Franchise mode. In Madden NFL 10, EA Sports has delivered what you have been asking for. The new Online Franchise mode is the biggest online feature to hit Madden since online play first started, being able to control an NFL team against 31 other human players for multiple season gives Madden a lot of replay value. You need to draft, trade and sign free agents during the off-season. Playing a full NFL season, including playoffs and hopefully the Super bowl, with other human players is going to change how players spend their time at home, at the office, and even on the phone.