Madden 11 - How To Sack With Blitzes

Madden 11 - How To Sack With Blitzes
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Madden 11 - How To Sack Effectively With Blitzes

In the sport of American Football, sacking is the art of taking out a quarterback before he is allowed to pass or hand-off the ball to a running back. It is the defences job to push the quarterback into a position whereby they can shed their blocks and take him down within seconds. There are many ways to sack someone in real life football as well as on the virtual turf of Madden NFL 11. This article concentrates on the gaming version of the sport and looks into providing a guide for Madden 11 and how to sack. Furthermore, an explanation on effective Madden 11 blitzing will also be provided.

Madden 11 Blitzing & Getting Sacks

First off, answering the question of – in Madden 11 – how to sack opponents is varied and has a diffused number of possible avenues for anyone to take. With eleven players per team on either side of the football the goal of successfully tackling the quarterback after the snap is a difficult one. Blitzing – by rushing the offensive lineman with linebackers – is the most likely avenue towards getting a sack in Madden 11 as well as in real life football. A problem persists however, in that only one on-field player can be controlled at any one time, invariably leaving the job up to the AI and your roster’s statistics.

This lack of direct control leverages the use of audibles and play calling ahead of actually maneuvering your players around the defensive line. Being able to spot plays and adjust your defense accordingly is a key skill in attempting to effectively blitz the opponent’s quarterback. The gameflow option can help with this, as the AI will likely notice and set your defense up for a run play, but it is hit and miss on play-actions or passes. Therefore, the use of audibles to re-adjust your defensive setup is imperative, with keen eyes noticing the running backs movements or the receivers pre-snap positional play.

Madden 11 - How To Sack On Defense

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There are generally two integral parts to getting a sack. Firstly, reading the play and setting up a blitz when the opposing team is running a play-action or lack line blockers. This can be accomplished with quick audibles pertaining to a blitz or setting the defense on the playbook screen. Secondly, the ability to shed blocks and get past the offensive line, making your way towards the quarterback and taking him out. Knowing, in Madden 11, how to sack comes from experience and it is only after getting to understand the mechanics of block shedding that players can effectively tackle before a release.

As touched upon above, the second of the necessary parts required for a Madden 11 sack are found in the individual player. The most effective pass rushers will invariably make the most sacks and be able to shed blocks well. The key positions for getting sacks are often the blind side – for right handed QBs, reverse it for left handers – linebackers (LOLB) or defensive ends (LE). The middle-linebackers (MLB) and nose tackles (DT) don’t collect sacks often, but they can chime in on occasion. Lastly, cornerbacks (CB) are a great enforcer of the sack during Madden 11 blitzing plays, with their speed and wide routes catching the QB off guard.

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