Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Where to Find Heavy Rain Wallpaper

Heavy rain was a very popular game and naturally a lot of fans want to find some nice Heavy Rain wallpaper for their computer desktop. Unfortunately, Heavy Rain wallpaper is surprisingly hard to find. This article will try to give you a list of a few good caches of heavy rain wallpaper.

Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Walkthrough

After David Cage publicly stated there would be no further Heavy Rain chronicles due to a shift in focus onto the Move controller and its compatibility with the original title, players were left with only a snippet of the planned DLC, named The Taxidermist. Here is a walkthrough of this affair…

Heavy Rain Walkthru: A Visitor – The Nurse

This is a walkthrough for the entire game of Heavy Rain. It is assumed that you wish to try and get a good ending. It covers how to get a good game ending while guiding the adventures of Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden, Scott Shelby and Madison Paige as they struggle to find the Origami Killer and Shaun.

Heavy Rain ARI – PS3

This article covers ARI and what it possibly is/does to Norman. ARI is a pair of glasses that an FBI agent called Norman Jayden uses throughout Heavy Rain to find clues and analyse them. In Heavy Rain, ARI is integral to certain scenes and achieving good endings, but it also seems dangerous.