Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: On the Loose - Solving the Puzzle

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Ethan Mars - On the Loose

Heavy Rain: Madison consoles Ethan.When you gain control of Ethan, opt to kiss Madison. Follow the button prompts then. When the sequence ends, get up and put your clothes on. Check the box for the last trial. Then move to the chair with Madison’s jacket on. Interact with it and look at the objects that fell out. Select the forgive option when it appears.

With Madison then, head down to the reception. Head inside and ring room 207. A quick time event will start for Ethan now as he gets chased. Again, do as good as you can so Ethan doesn’t get caught. When you get the option to jump when on the rooftops, do so. Hijack the taxi.

Scott Shelby - Trapped and Face to Face

Open the door to your office. When you’re in the car, do your best to free Scott and Lauren. After saving them both, Scott will go for revenge, so be prepared for a nice shoot out. When you arrive at the mansion, follow all of the on-screen button prompts and make sure you’re quick on the draw. When you reach Kramer, don’t strangle him. When he starts having a heart attack, I helped him. The pills are in the right-hand draw of his desk.

Madison Paige - Ann Sheppard

Talk to the receptionist and sign the book. Head to where the receptionist pointed and go to the end of the corridor and the room’s on the right. Introduce yourself to Ann Shepard and go through the conversation options. Afterwards, interact with the objects on the table to the left of her. Flip the book pages until you come across the one with a dog on it and then make the origami figure. Next, leave the room and head down to the corridor to grab a flower. Then give it to Ann. Open the top drawer then and take the photo. Ask the family name and listen to the dialog.

Ethan Mars - The Rat

This scene is short. Simply move forwards and interact with the objects on the table. Drink the vial. In the car, use the phone. There’s sounds of birds and a boat. Next, look at the piece of paper. Look to the marker closest to the water on the GPS system and select go. It’s the right-most place. Then drive there.

Norman Jayden - Solving the Puzzle

Heavy Rain: Norman using ARI.When you use ARI, there is one thing in particular that you’re looking for. Go to clues and watch the recording. When the bad guy is strangling Norman on the table, you should be able to analyse the scene to find a gold watch as evidence and this’ll tell you the killer is a cop. Now go through the other clues, but don’t accuse Blake. Simply investigate further.

You should have enough clues to piece everything together.

Scott Shelby and Madison Paige - Goodbye Lauren, Hold My Hand and Origami Killer and Killer’s Place

Heavy Rain: Kid tries to save brother.Run north, then right to the trailer. The father won’t listen, so head back to John.

After that scene, you want to burn all of the evidence when the next scene begins.


As Madison, pick the lock to Scott Shelby’s door and go in. Look in the bin then examine the wardrobe. Move the clothes to the side and open the secret compartment Go to the computer. Enter random passwords until Max comes up as an option. Use that. Go to leave then and you’ll be stopped.

Again, you need to do well during this sequence. Grab the blue box by the computer. Use it to smash the wall opposite the computer and to the left. Go through the hole you created. Open the door. Move towards the other door then. Head to the office desk. Go around it and knock the cabinets over. Use it to cross the fire. Don’t open the door to the left. Instead, open the other one that doesn’t lead to the hallway. Move the microwave in the kitchen. Open the window and go out to leave the building. Call Norman.

All characters - The Old Warehouse (Finale)

Heavy Rain: The object Ethan needs.This is the game’s last scene. Move forwards to the grate that’s near the back of the room. It’s a lighter shade than the surroundings. Follow the on-screen instructions and then go to the right of the grate for an object to open the grate with, after the conversation. Continue following the button prompts.

Norman will be controlled then, make sure you do well here with the quick-time events. Madison will appear, but you won’t control her. Instead, control will shift back Norman who’s still fighting Scott. Then control will switch to Ethan. Follow the on-screen prompts. Then when control switches to Madison, you’ll need to do a quick-time event. Make sure you complete it. After the dialog, control will switch to Norman again and after that, the game will be complete.

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