Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Walkthrough

Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Walkthrough
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Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Walkthrough

Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist is an accompanying DLC to Heavy Rain that takes place outside of the main narrative of Heavy Rain and further develops the Madison Paige character. In the downloadable content, she finds herself trying to track down a lead on the identity of the Origami Killer, going to his house and investigating further.

This article will try to provide a walkthrough for Heavy Rain Taxidermist related events, noting where button presses are required to advance through the content, while also listing the different endings available to the player. After finding the lead’s whereabouts at the start of The Taxidermist, Madison rides her bike across to the suburban home of the suspect.

Heavy Rain Taxidermist: Entering The House

The suspect is called Leland White and the gameplay portion of the DLC begins with the goal being to enter his house. The player cannot interact with the neighbours or run onto the street (reminiscent of an illusion of choice), so press forward towards the house itself, noting that there isn’t an answer when the front door is knocked. The player can look through the keyhole or front window and sift through the garbage cans to no avail.

Going around the right side of the house, there will be a slightly opened kitchen window, this is the entry point. After moving the smaller barrel, you need to go back around the house and find the large barrel, kicking it over and rolling it towards the open window.

Searching The House

Taxidermist 001

When inside, try not to leave anything out of place or break anything, otherwise Leland will instantly know Madison is in the house. There isn’t much of note in the house, other than the final room along the upstairs hallway, so tread lightly until you reach this room at the end of the corridor.

After entering this room, Leland will come home and you need to walk slowly across the hallway, not making any sound to alert him. If he isn’t alerted, he will randomly go through the rooms upstairs, where you can sneak past him and escape downstairs. If he is alerted, Leland will begin to systemically look in the rooms upstairs, giving you a window of opportunity to escape if you get behind him.

Exiting The House

Taxidermist 002

There are several ways to exit the house, through the window on the stairwell, the garage door and the front door of the house. If Madison is being chased by Leland, the only way out is through the garage, after a quick-time series of events.

Take note that there is an optional path open to players who take the chainsaw from the wall instead of trying to open the door. After picking up the chainsaw, they can kill Leland through a series of quick time presses.

Heavy Rain Taxidermist Endings

There are five different endings that can be found in the Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC. Here is a listing of them. Each of the endings names refer to the newspaper headline shown in the cutscene epilogue.

  1. The End of Anguish - Use phone and wait for police.
  2. The End of The Nightmare - Don’t use phone and escape or kill Leland with the chainsaw.
  3. Where Is Madison Paige? - Don’t use phone and let Madison die.
  4. In the Middle of The Horror - Don’t use phon and escape without Leland seeing you.
  5. Sacrificed In The Name of Truth - Call Sam, alert Leland and let Madison die.

With this 20 minute or so episode released, Heavy Rain Taxidermist creator David Cage decided to veto any more DLC additions to the Heavy Rain library, instead focusing on the use of Playstation Move within his original title. It is a shame as there was promise in Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist; although it should suffice fans of the series or creator to know he’s working on another quick-time based game.