Playstation 3 Heavy Rain Jayden. All you should know about this character: personality, relationships, addictions and even tips & tricks for the most difficult trophies.

Playstation 3 Heavy Rain Jayden.  All you should know about this character: personality, relationships, addictions and even tips & tricks for the most difficult trophies.
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Norman Jayden’s Personality and Methods

Norman Jayden is the FBI agent in charge of the Origami Killer investigation. He’s quite good at his job (albeit a bit obsessive) and uses an experimental device called ARI (Added Reality Interface) to find relevant clues and organize them. It has also a “pulse” effect if you press R1 which lets you find hidden evidence and analyze it. When organizing the data, Jayden enters a “virtual world” where he can see all the clues and geo-locate them ….but being in this virtual world for a long time is very dangerous and can even kill Jayden.

After some time, Jayden’s eyes will start bleeding (you should really stop investigating at this point), if you keep doing so Jayden will eventually be killed by “ARI overdose”. This can happen at the “Solving the Puzzle” chapter.

In Heavy Rain, Jayden is a difficult person and has anger-management issues, although he is intelligent and very adept at following clues and solving cases. He struggles to solve the Origami Killer investigation (local cops being uncomfortable with his unorthodox methods) while slowly becoming more and more obsessed with it

Addiction to Triptocaine

Jayden is addicted to a substance known as Triptocaine. This is a fictional drug which is supposed to help with the side effects of ARI overexposure. When you use the ARI, a butler appears and tells you: “Don’t overindulge in you know what….” but Jayden seems to ignore him most of the time, instead preferring to be in this idilic (yet dangerous) world where you can choose if you wanna be organizing clues in a paradisiac island, a lush forest or even a sunny canyon.

There are different endings depending on whether you use the Triptocaine throughout the whole game or not, and even some trophies also related to it.

Just as a matter of interest, Tryptocaine is probably named after a real family of drugs known as “Tryptans” used for migraines, and the suffix “-caine”, used in painkillers such as Procaine.

Relationship with other characters


In Heavy Rain, Jayden doesn’t get along with most of the other cops, but he is forced to work with a policeman named Blake. This Lieutenant uses some brutal methods in his pursuit to catch the Origami Killer, usually ignoring the protocol and even threatening possible suspects.

Blake is Jayden’s main antagonist throughout the game, and the player can decide if they want to use the same methods as Blake or just use more “legal” methods as a good FBI agent would. At one point Blake is held at gunpoint by a crazy religious suspect known as Nathaniel, and the player must decide if he wants to kill this suspect or try negotiating with him. If you choose the latter option, Blake will get mad at Jayden, saying he could have been killed during the negotiation.

-FBI Investigator: you must find all the clues in every crime scene. Be very thorough with the ARI and explore all the areas till you are sure that you haven’t left anything. Quite annoying and time-consuming, but not difficult.

-Blunder: for this you must shoot Nathaniel when he threatens to kill Blake. Press R1.

-Self-control: the opposite, do not kill Nathaniel, instead try negotiating to calm him down. Don’t press R1.

-Good Cop: when talking to Dupre (the doctor) you must stop Blake from hitting him.

-Bad Cop: this time, let Blake hit the doctor.

-Ludvig von Beethoven: at the beginning of the “Jayden Blues” episode (when playing the piano) you mustn’t fail a single note which requires quite a bit of skill and timing. If you fail, just reload the chapter.

-Detox: also in the “Jayden Blues” episode, when Jayden starts to freak out simply don’t take the Tryptocaine.