The Complete Heavy Rain Trophy Guide

The Complete Heavy Rain Trophy Guide
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Heavy Rain Trophies: Overview

The PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain is an interactive murder-mystery console game released on 23 February 2010. The story focuses on four characters who try to find the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who drowns his victims to death and places an origami paper model beside the victim’s dead body. The game is immersive and has multiple endings depending on the choices and actions gamers make. Main characters can die in-game, which leads to a completely different ending than the linear one. Being a PS3 title, the game provides several opporunities to unlock Heavy Rain trophies.

Everyone knows that Sony’s PlayStation 3 trophies are achievements earned by players after completing some in-game tasks. The PS3 “Trophies” are similar to Xbox’s “Achievements”, but the former has a simple concept of rewarding players. There are no Gamerscore points, but bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies to grab. This makes it more interesting and adds some replay value to the game. The Heavy Rain trophy list has a total of 57 trophies to earn.

Heavy Rain Bronze Trophies

Interactive Drama: Complete the prologue to unlock this trophy

Heavy Rain Trophies - Screenshot 1

White Knight - Sleazy Place: This trophy can be earned after beating Troy in a fight. Make sure you perform all Quick Time actions correctly by pressing the right buttons.

FBI investigator - Crime Scene: Use Jayden’s ARI to search for various clues scattered at the crime scene to unlock this trophy.

Private Eye - Sleazy Place: Trick Lauren to reveal details about her son. Interrogate Lauren by selecting the compassionate prompt in the screen.

Good Father - Father and Son: Use the schedule in the Kitchen and complete the tasks mentioned in the schedule. In the final task, you will have to put Ethan’s son Shaun to sleep. Make sure he is in a good mood, only then you can unlock this trophy.

Happy Birthday - Prologue: Search for the protagonist Ethan’s office, finish the drawing, set the table and go outside to play with Ethan’s kids.

Good Friends - The Part: Play with Shaun on the Swings and buy candy for him.

Negotiator - Hassan’s Shop: You will have to deal with the robber and interrogate him about the robbery. Persuade him to drop the gun and he will leave, you will then earn this trophy.

Got to Remember! - Welcome Norman: Just remember the color of Shaun’s clothes and the time at the park (you can choose 4:10 PM) to unlock this trophy.

VIP - Paparazzi: Leave your home and head towards the car without being spotted by the journalists. You can jump the fence to reach the walkway and then head straight towards your car.

Agoraphobia - Lexington Station: Run as fast and push down at least fifty passers-by to unlock this trophy.

Lucky Locker - Lexington Station: This trophy can be unlocked only in the first try. You will have to find out the correct locker in the first attempt.

Heavy Rain Trophy Guide - Screenshot 2

Blunder - Nathaniel: When Nathaniel aims the pistol at Blake, shoot Nathaniel to unlock this trophy.

Self Control - Nathaniel: Just do the opposite! Don’t shoot Nathaniel, even after he aims his pistol at Blake.

Baby Master - Suicide Baby: Take care of the baby without committing any mistakes.

Kamikaze - The Bear: This is an extremely difficult task. Select the best path on the highway in the bear trial.

Good Driver - The Bear: Without fail, complete the bear trial by making sure you hit the right button when prompted.

Cat & Mouse - Covered Market: Hit the correct buttons to beat Korda in a fight sequence. You will have to take him by missing only a few chances.

Tough Guy - Kramer’s Party: After speaking with Gordi, you will have a small fight sequence with his bodyguards. Beat them all to unlock this trophy.

Coward! - The Butterfly: Don’t complete the butterfly trial; try to exit using the left door inside the generator room.

Electrified - The Butterfly: Finish the Butterfly Trial successfully

**Good Cop - Shrink and Punches:**You will have to stop Blake when he tries to attack Dupre.

Bad Cop - Shrink and Punches: Just do the opposite, do not intervene when Blake hits Dupre.

Gold Finger - The Lizard: Use tools in the bathroom cupboard (axe or knife) and cut your fingers. Then disinfect the wound using the heat of an iron rod.

Fugitive: Use the button sequence correctly to reach the train before Blake catches you.

More Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies of this Heavy Rain Trophy guide in the next page.

Here are the remaining Heavy Rain trophies and instructions on how to acquire these trophies.

Heavy Rain Trophy list - Screenshot 3

The Lizard: Find a pair of scissors or a saw and cut your finger using any of the tools to unlock this trophy.

Hands Up! - Fugitive: Let Blake arrest you and to do this you don’t have to follow any specific button sequences. You can then unlock this trophy.

Ludwig Von - Jayden Blues: Without making any mistakes in notes, play the piano quick-time event in the correct sequence to unlock this trophy.

Detox - Jayden Blues: Don’t give Jayden that blue-colored liquid (triptocaine) and only then you can unlock this trophy.

Wise Guy - Under Arrest: Before you save Ethan Mars, make sure you switch off the surveillance camera in the surveillance room.

I’m a Killer… - The Shark: Shoot the drug dealer without any sympathies.

I’m not a Killer! - The Shark: Do not shoot the drug dealer.

Smart Girl - The Doc: When the doc offers a beverage to Madison, just refuse it.

Queen of Ropes - The Doc: Help Madison escape the doc using rope restraints to unlock this trophy.

Goodbye Mad Jack - Mad Jack: Survive a bloody ordeal against Mad Jack and win the fight to unlock this trophy.

The Chef - Eureka: Prepare a delicious omelet before Lauren gets out of the Shower.

I’m not scared! - Twins: Follow your brother in the construction site without making any errors.

Pride Saved - Sexy Girl: Only take off one piece of clothing away from Madison during her strip tease session.

Unforgivable - On the Loose: Check Madison’s handbag to discover her real profession (journalism). When Madison asks for forgiveness, do not forgive her.

Lover Boy - On the Loose: Do the opposite - Forgive Madison to unlock this trophy.

Escape Master - On the Loose: Run from the Police at the motel. Use the correct button sequence to climb to the roof.

Swimming - Instructor Trapped: Lauren is trapped underwater. You will have to save her and escape with Lauren to earn this trophy.

Invincible Scott - Face to Face: Don’t get killed or shot during the shoot-out at Kramer’s Villa. Make sure you press the correct button sequences to save yourself from the bullets.

Kind Hearted - Face to Face: Give Kramer his medicines when he suffers from a cardiac arrest.

Sacrifice - The Rat: Drink the rat poison left by the killer.

Clever Dad - The Rat. Don’t drink the poison. However, to achieve this trophy, you will have to complete all other trials tasked by the killer.

Cold as Ice - Killer’s Palace: Hide in the refrigerator in the kitchen to survive the explosion.

Simple Mind - The Old Warehouse: Save the Origami Killer to unl;ock this trophy. Make sure you press all the buttons correctly.

So Close… - The Old Warehouse: Reach the ending with Hayden, Madison, Ethan and fail to capture the killer.

HEAVY RAIN Hero: Finish the game on any difficulty level. Make sure all characters don’t fail.

Heavy Rain Trophy Silver Trophies

Four Heroes: Finish the story, but make sure all 4 characters of Heavy Rain are alive.

Trial Master: There are 5 trials the killer has tasked for Ethan. Complete all 5 trials successfully to unlock this trophy.

Heavy Rain Trophy list - Screenshot 4

Nerd: Locate all key clues using Jayden’s Added Reality Interface and find the serial killer.

Saved the Kid: With the help of Ethan, locate Shaun and save him from the rain water.

Perfect Crime: Make sure that Lauren, Kramer and Hassan die, make sure there isn’t evidence left in Manfred’s shop and kill Jayden and Madison.

Gold and Platinum Trophies

All Endings: This trophy will be unlocked once you see all different endings in the game.

Heavy Rain Master: Unlock all bronze, gold and silver trophies to unbolt the Heavy Rain Master Platinum trophy.