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Characters in Heavy Rain PS3 Game

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Heavy Rain has interesting gameplay and a riveting plot. This crime thriller revolves around four characters who try to find the strange motives of the Origami Killer. Within this article is some vital information about all Heavy Rain 4 characters, including Ethan, Madison, Norman and Scott.

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    Heavy Rain: Interactive Thriller with Diverse Characters

    Heavy Rain PS3 Boxshot Heavy Rain is an interactive crime thriller that tickles your emotional side. A PS3-exclusive title, Heavy Rain’s story is much like an award-winning film noir that relies on a strong story and the personal history of its characters. The game revolves around the mystery of a serial murderer called the Origami Killer, who drowns his victims (all young kids) in areas with elevated levels of rainwater and dumps them in remote places. All dead victims have an origami paper model clenched between their fingers and an Orchid flower placed on their chest. To learn more about this game, check out the Heavy Rain PS3 review on Brighthub.

    The story involves 4 characters who, in some way or the other, try to find out who the serial killer is. The characters are: Ethan Mars (the protagonist), Madison Paige (a young reporter), Norman Jayden (an FBI profiler) and Scott Shelby (an ex-police lieutenant). Each character has a distinct and interesting background and their actions and reactions add more zest to the game. All four characters can be played and a death of one character does not mean the game ends; you will be switched to another playable character. The death of any character turns the tides of the in-game story. Let’s check out the Heavy Rain 4 Characters traits and get some trivia about their characteristics, penchants and dislikes.

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    Heavy Rain: 4 Characters

    The one thing I noticed about the game that each character has a disturbed past life. All four characters suffer from some psychological disorder or addiction. For example, the young female journalist Madison Paige suffers from chronic insomnia, Ethan Mars suffers from depression and panic attacks and Norman Jayden has a strange addiction to Triptocaine, an in-game bluish-color liquid substance.

    One of the notable aspects of Heavy Rain is the character modeling. The character models are based on real actors who have also lent their voices. From facial features to body type, the in-game Heavy Rain 4 characters have close resemblance to their real-life counterparts. This not only ensures realism, but also gets you immersed into the game. The protagonist Ethan Mars is exactly modeled after the British actor Pascal Langdale, whereas police lieutenant’s facial and body characteristics resemble that of Sam Douglas, an American actor of the Fifth Element fame. The beautiful Madison Paige is modeled after Brit fashion model Jacqui Ainsley and the British Actor Leon Ockenden has lent his facial features to Norman Jayden besides his voice.

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    Ethan Mars

    Heavy Rain 4 Characters--Ethan Mars The main protagonist of Heavy Rain, Ethan Mars is an architect who resides on the East Coast of the United States. Married to Grace Mars, Ethan has one kid Shaun Mars. His older son, Jason, was killed in a vehicular accident, which left a permanent bruise on the mind of Ethan.

    The story begins when his younger son Shaun gets kidnapped by the Origami Killer. Now divorced, Ethan’s only aim is to get his son back from the clutches of this serial killer. In his ordeal, he is challenged by the serial killer to complete five different trials in order to get the address of his kidnapped son’s location. Ethan has to reach his son and rescue him before he gets drowned in the rainwater-filled areas of America.

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    Madison Paige

    An insomniac, Madison Paige is a reporter who gets drawn into this case after meeting Ethan Mars in a motel. For strange psychological reasons, Madison finds solace and good sleep in motel rooms. After hearing Ethan’s woe about his son’s kidnapping as well as his conditions, Madison pledges to help him rescue his son.Madison Paige 

    When playing Heavy Rain, players will have an opportunity to entangle Madison and Ethan in romance or play their role in separate directions. There are several scenarios where Madison finds herself into trouble with bad guys. Players can help her out using button combinations, especially in quick time events. Her survival is important to play her in the game’s climax. The game also has Madison displayed as naked, although the genital areas are blurred. There’s also an erotic scene with the game’s protagonist, which the players can unlock in a quick time event.

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    Norman Jayden

    Norman Jayden One of the most important playable characters of the Heavy Rain 4 characters, Norman Jayden is known for its distinctive weapon of choice and his addiction to a strange blue-colored drug. His experimental ARI or Added Reality Interface device is used by him to analyze relevant data and clues extracted from the crime scene. An FBI profiler, Norman is sent to support police officials to investigate the killing patterns of the Origami Killer. The visual effects of the ARI has close resemblance to the Hollywood flick Matrix.

    Norman’s addiction to Triptocaine will have players deciding whether to steer his addiction or encourage him to have a swig at that blue liquid.

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    Scott Shelby

    Shelby, a retired police lieutenant, is a very quiet, composed and introvert character in Heavy Rain. His job is to interrogate suspects of Scott Shelby the Shaun kidnapping case and question the victim’s family. An asthma patient, Shelby is accompanied by a local prostitute Lauren Winter, who helps him in his investigations. Scott Shelby is an interesting character and suits the role of a private investigator through his methodical work. The retired police lieutenant is one of the most important personalities among the Heavy Rain 4 characters in the game.

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