All about Heavy Rain: Madison Paige for the PS3

All about Heavy Rain: Madison Paige for the PS3
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Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - An Introduction

Note: Spoilers will be mentioned.

Madison Paige is a bit of an oddity and a mystery during Heavy Rain. In Heavy Rain, Madison Paige represents the game’s only female lead. There are other female characters, but they’re either support characters or reduced to bit parts.Obviously, this isn’t why she’s an unusual character though.

Firstly, it’s not revealed until late in the game that she’s a journalist. Instead, she’s introduced rather mysteriously as she’s first shown in her apartment and it’s made known she suffers from insomnia. She’s mysterious because we also learn that she suffers from nightmares about people attacking her. It is not explained in the game why she suffers from them. If I were to make an assumption though, I’d assume she’s had bad experiences in the past. That’s really one of the few possible explanations.

As a character, she mainly exists to give information to Norman or Ethan on the whereabouts of Shaun at the end of the game, in case they don’t find out. She’s also someone that gets Ethan out of trouble. But she’s in the game for other reasons.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - Her Role in the Game

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige and Ethan getting close.

As mentioned, she’s used to bail Ethan out of trouble and also as a way for the characters at the end of the game to get where they need to be, in case they didn’t find out Shaun’s location or the identity of the killer.

However, Ethan as a characters has to endure horrendous trials to get his son back and during this time, he is all alone and hunted left, right and centre. Even his own wife fed him to the police. So, Madison fills a role that Ethan needs. Support. A friend and someone who cares to help him. Without her help, he would have been caught etc.

She also serves as the love interest for Ethan, though as with other things in the game, they don’t need to get intimate. It’s down to player choice.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige an Unusual Character?

That’s the question. She’s certainly not stereo-typical. When people hear of a reporter, they probably think the person is going to be a not so nice character. In addition, they don’t seem to care as long as they get the story. In the case of Madison, there might be a time where you start to believe that she may just be in it for the story as Ethan believes, but she soon disproves that and makes it clear she actually cares for Ethan.

So, she’s actually a nice person for a reporter. Also, she’s a looker (I can’t believe I’m saying that about a video game) and well, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, plus she can look after herself. All of this adds up to a really nice character.