PS3 Heavy Rain Cheats, Tips & Tricks. All you should know about Heavy Rain and detailed descriptions of all the gold and silver trophies.

PS3 Heavy Rain Cheats, Tips & Tricks. All you should know about Heavy Rain and detailed descriptions of all the gold and silver trophies.
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Heavy Rain Cheats for getting all the trophies

In this article you’ll find all the tips and cheats you need to get that coveted platinum trophy for Heavy Rain.

Some of them are quite difficult and time consuming (and require a lot of patience) but with this Heavy Rain Cheats you won’t have any problems!

Gold Trophies

-Perfect Crime: the objective in this trophy is to let the Origami Killer walk free with nothing to tie him to the crimes (the csi nightmare!). To do this, you must start at the chapter “Hassan’s Shop” and keep playing doing exactly this steps in the following chapters:

Hassan’s Shop: Don’t intervene, let the scene play out while you stay at the back of the store.

Fugitive: Don’t run away. Wait at the street until the cops catch you.

Manfred: Clean up absolutely all the evidence! Don’t forget any of this: the magnifying glass, the ballerina, the two phones, the bathroom door (if you used it), the glass case Lauren touched, the whiskey bottle and the glasses, the window in the office and finally the front door.

On the Loose: Make love with Madison (easy right?) and forgive her afterward. Then escape.

Trapped: Get out of the car only by yourself.

Face to Face: Let the man die by not giving him his medicine.

Killer’s Place: Just stay where you are until the scene ends.

Old Warehouse: Fail Jayden’s sequence at the conveyor belt on purpose. Then, Ethan needs to be able to finally rescue Shaun.

-All Endings: There are a total of 22 endings in Heavy Rain. Cheats for seeing all of them without going mad include just selecting the chapter “On the Loose” and completing the game from there. A notable exception to this is the “Perfect Crime” ending which we discussed before -it requires a lot more effort.

Silver Trophies

-Four Heroes: For this trophy you must complete the story with all four characters alive. It’s not very difficult, you just have to be careful and and do almost all the “Quicktime Events” without failing. If if you have trouble getting this just lower the difficulty to Easy.

-Trial Master : Succeed in all of Ethan’s trials. There are five of them. Make it through “the Bear” without crashing, through the transformer maze in “the Butterfly”, cut off a finger in “the Lizard”, kill the drug dealer in the Shark and finally drink the deadly poison in “the Rat”.

-Nerd: You must find all the clues using the ARI and find the Origami Killer. You must be very thorough and examine everything with R1. The clues are located at “Crime scene”, “Mad Jack”, “Fish tank”. Very time consuming.

-Saved the Kid: You must find and rescue Shaun with one of the characters. Use the nearby metal bar to break the lock and then perform CPR on him (just do the Quicktime Events).

Bronze Trophies

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-Happy Birthday: At the prologue you must complete the drawing, set the table, and finally play with the kids.

-Interactive Drama: Just complete the chapter in the mall.

-Good father: Follow exactly the schedule planned for Shaun and put him to bed in time.

-White Knight: Fight the guy that is trying to break into Lauren’s room and beat him.

-Private Eye: You must lead Lauren to talk about her son. Select the “Compassionate” and “Trick” options.

-FBI Investigator: Find all the clues related to the Origami Killer case in the first “crime scene” (after talking to detective Blake).

-Good friends: Play two games successfully with Shaun and then buy him some candy.

-Got to Remember!: When Ethan is questioned, answer with the following options: Time: 4:15. Jacket: Beige. Pants: Green.

-Negotiatior: At Hassan’s shop, persuade the robber to leave.

-VIP: As Ethan, leave your house without being spotted by any journalist (go through the backdoor).

-Agoraphobia: In Lexington Station (when Ethan has a panic attack) knock down at least 50 people.

-Lucky Locker: Find the locker on your first try (number: 18-3).

-Blunder: Press R1 and shoot Nathaniel.

-Self Control: Negotiate with Natthaniel and don’t push R1.

-Baby Master: Change the baby’s diaper, get her bottle, feed her and put her to sleep.

-Kamikaze: In “The bear” challenge at the highway, try to take the best route and do not fail any QTE. Quite difficult, you may need a few tries.

-Good Driver: Complete “The Bear” trial (if you did the Kamikaze trophy, you will receive this automatically).

-Cat & Mouse: Fight and beat Korda at the cold storage.

-Tough guy: Defeat Gordi’s bodyguards by correctly completing the QTE’s.

-Coward!: Leave the place at “The Butterfly” trial.

-Electrified: Complete “The Butterfly” trial.

-Good Cop: Stop Blake from hitting Dupre.

-Ba****d Cop: Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupre.

-Gold Finger: At “the Lizard” trial, cut your finger using an axe or knife and then cauterize the wound.

-Butcher: Cut your finger using a saw or some scissors.

-Fugitive: Escape from Blake at the subway.

-Hands up!: Get arrested by Blake.

-Ludwig Von: Succesfully complete the piano sequence as Jayden.

-Detox: Resist taking the Triptocaine as Jayden.

-Wise Guy: Before saving Ethan make sure that you have switched the surveillance camera offf.

-I’m a Killer…: At “The Shark”, kill the drug dealer.

-I’m not a Killer!: Don’t kill the drug dealer.

-Smart Girl: Accept the drink from the doctor, but don’t drink it!

-Queen of Ropes: Escape before the crazy doctor returns and tries butchering you

-Goodbye Mad Jack: Survive the fights against Mad jack (do the QTE’s).

-The Chef: Prepare a good omellete (don’t make it too raw).

-I’m not Scared!: Follow your brother without failing or doing any mistakes.

-Pride Saved: During Madison’s striptease, don’t take off more than one piece of clothing. Try grabbing the lamp.

-Unforgivable: As Ethan, don’t forgive Madison.

-Lover Boy: Kiss Madison and forgive her afterwards.

-Escape Master: Escape from the police at the motel. Jump at the end.

-Swimming instructor: Save Lauren when trapped in the car underwater.

-Invincible Scott: Don’t get shot at the villa.

-Kind Hearted: Give Kramer his heart medicine

-Sacrifice: At “The Rat” chapter, drink the poison.

-Clever Dad: Find out where Shaun is located, the address is “852 Theodore Roosevelt Road”.

-Cold as Ice: Hide in the fridge to survive the explosion.

-Simple Mind: Save the Origami Killer before he falls.

-So Close…: Reach the end with all characters and have one of them killed (for example Jayden when figting the Origami Killer).

-Heavy Rain Hero: Complete the game!

Some of them require a lot of patience and skill, but with this Heavy Rain cheats everything will be much easier!

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