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Heavy Rain Endings: A List of Endings For Heavy Rain on PS3

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Heavy Rain prides itself on having impactful choices that can completely alter the gaming experience. With this in mind, the creators intended to posit multiple endings, each with their own distinct choices leading into them. This article will list the conditions and the outcomes of these endings...

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    Heavy Rain Endings

    Heavy BOX Heavy Rain is noted for having an impactful decision mechanic that uncannily tries to coax quick gut reactions and sometimes fatal responses from the player. Because of this, there is a large quantity of different outcomes based on the multiple choice system the game puts forward.

    In this article, we will look at the different conditions and results that are offered with the four main characters and their respective conclusions, discussing the 17 separate Heavy Rain endings in the game. We will do this by listing the Heavy Rain endings name and the preset decisions that have to be enacted in order to receive said ending. Also, if you haven't figured this out yet, there are MASSIVE SPOILERS in the next couple of pages. You have been warned...

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    Madison Paige and Her Individual Heavy Rain Endings

    Madison Paige The journalistic heroine of the game and supposed romantic interest of harrowed father Ethan Mars; Madison has a penchant for revealing a lot of skin throughout the duration of Heavy Rains narrative.

    Heroine - Madison survives throughout the game, only to be rejected by Ethan or never enact a relationship with him, therein she is allowed to save Shaun by defeating the Origami Killer at the old warehouse (the games finale). Upon doing this, she becomes a celebrity author with her book entitled “Heavy Rain", doing television interviews and book signing’s. While signing books, a mysterious figure named Vincent tells her she deserves a better opponent, as Madison looks up the figure is no longer visible.

    • Survive Game > Ethan Rejects Madison > Defeat Origami Killer > Save Shaun

    Dead Heroine - If Madison dies at one of six points in the game, a colleague will bereave her loss by the side of the freshly dug grave. Also, dependent on Ethan’s survival, he will look on from a nearby tree in some anguish.

    • Madison Dies > Ethan Alive/Dead

    Square One - This is a rather defeatist ending encapsulating a complete failure by Madison to engage in the narrative. For instance, she has to survive the game, be rejected by Ethan or never have a relationship while also not finding the location of the endgame level the “Old Warehouse". When this is accomplished she starts to go insane as her insomnia begins to stricken her further.

    • Madison Survives > Ethan Rejects Madison > Never Finds Old Warehouse
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    Norman Jayden Endings For Heavy Rain

    Norman Jayden The drug addled FBI profiler, Jayden is battling himself as much as the killer he’s tracking, with the player have to make some difficult choices pertaining to his addiction.

    Case Closed - Much like the Heroine ending of Madison’s arc, Case Closed occurs when Jayden survives the game and arrives at the warehouse to defeat the Origami Killer. There is an added modifier coming from the players choices with his addiction and how much he took throughout the story. After a television interview, he seeks out the drug of his choice, whether he takes it or not is upto the players own choices in the matter.

    • Jayden Survives > Defeat Origami Killer > (Addiction Modifier)

    Resignation - After surviving the game, Jayden decides to give up and allow Ethan or Madison to save Shaun in the old warehouse. Jayden resigns from the bureau to lead a “normal life" in the “real world".

    • Jayden Survives > Give Up On Case > Ethan/Madison Saves Shaun

    Uploaded - If Jayden dies in the eight separate locales throughout the game, the Captain of the Philadelphia police department invites Blake to the funeral. Upon declining, Blake is given the ARI glasses and it is hinted he begins to suffer from peculiar side effects entailing visions of Jayden haunting him.

    • Jayden Dies

    Smoking Mirror - Unlike the ending resignation; this ending will occur when neither Ethan or Madison can save Shaun and fail in their chase of the Origami Killer. Jayden gives up on the case and overdoses on Triptocaine; his blue vialled drug of choice.

    • Jayden Survives > Give Up On Case > Ethan/Madison Fail or Die

    Continue onto page 2 of this guide for the other two main characters and their respective endings...

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    Ethan Mars: Heavy Rain Endings

    The central character of the piece. Ethan has his son kidnapped after losing his wife and son in a car accident (although his wife was a victim by proxy, maintaining joint-custody over their surviving son Shaun) two years beforehand. His mental state is constantly questioned and at one point he believes himself to be the Origami Killer.

    A New Start - After evading arrest and surviving as Ethan; the player has to reject Madison and never consummate their relationship. After saving Shaun from the warehouse, either Madison or Jayden can do this also, Ethan and his son move into a new apartment and start a new life together.

    • Ethan Survives > Reject Madison/Madison Dies > Save Shaun > Norman/Madison Kill Origami Killer

    A New Life - This is similar to the ending described above. Ethan initiates a relationship with Madison and they both survive the finale. After saving Shaun they decide to marry and start a new life after the events of the game.

    • Ethan/Madison Survives > Consummate Relationship With Madison > Save Shaun

    Ethan Mars Origami Blues - After evading arrest and surviving, while rejecting Madison, Ethan will need to locate the old warehouse. If he does not find it, Shaun will be killed, leaving Ethan to commit suicide in his bedroom.

    • Ethan Survives > Reject Madison/Madison Dies > Can’t Locate Warehouse > Shaun Dies

    Tears In The Rain - As above, except Madison is forgiven and a relationship is started. Without finding his son Ethan decides to commit suicide when Madison isn’t watching him.

    • Ethan Survives > Forgive Madison > Can’t Locate Warehouse > Shaun Dies

    Helpless - If Ethan is arrested and framed as the Origami Killer he ends up hanging himself while still incarcerated after Shaun dies almost by default.

    • Ethan Arrested > Shaun Dies

    Innocent - If Ethan is arrested as above but Madison or Jayden end up saving Shaun in the warehouse he is admonished from guilt and begins a new relationship with his wife and Shaun after being freed.

    • Ethan Arrested > Madison/Jayden Save Shaun

    Ethan’s Grave - If Ethan dies after being shot by police, a scene shows his grave surrounded by the survivors of the narrative. These can be Shaun, Shelby and/or Madison.

    • Ethan Dies > (Survivor Modifier)
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    Scott Shelby Endings For Heavy Rain

    Scott Shelby The eponymous Origami Killer and former police Lieutenant, Shelby is a warped child murderer in the vain of the Saw films, putting fathers through trials to discover if they’re worthy of keeping their sons.

    Origami’s Grave - If Shelby dies during the climax at the warehouse, his grave is shown, with Lauren Winter showing up based on whether she survived or not.

    • Shelby Dies > (Lauren Survival Modifier)

    A Mother’s Revenge - If Shelby manages to survive the warehouse level while Lauren survives the underwater car scene a scene will play showing Lauren shooting Shelby in the head after discovering that he was the one who killed her son.

    • Shelby Survives > Lauren Survives

    Unpunished - On the flip side of the above ending, if Lauren does drown in the car scene, Shelby will walk off and never be heard of again (presumably until Heavy Rain 2 perhaps).

    • Shelby Survives > Lauren Dies

    Here is the complete list of Heavy Rain endings with some information on the outcomes et al. With conditions for these endings, hopefully those trophies and cutscenes can be unlocked in no time, have fun finding all these Heavy Rain endings.

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