Saw Video Game Review for PS3

Saw Video Game Review for PS3
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Saw: The Video Game Review

The Saw horror movie franchise might have reached extreme levels to show violence and scary moments, but the video game adaptation dares to step further by showing gory visuals and terrifying moments. This dark game presents some of the most gruesome puzzles and scenarios. Except few problems with the combat, Saw video game presents a perfect recipe for a dark puzzle-based horror game.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

In Saw: The Game, you step into the shoes of a detective named David Tapp, who gets trapped by the serial killer named Jigsaw in an old asylum (For in-depth info and story line, check out Bright Hub’s exclusive Saw: The Videogame Preview). You will have to guide Tapp, save his accomplices and escape the dark asylum quickly before falling prey to Jigsaw’s deadly traps.

The traps are based on some of the most cleverly designed puzzles that can certainly leave you spellbound. From the opening reverse bear trap scene to circuit breakers, all puzzles are designed very well. The most difficult aspect is the amount of time and the number of chances given to solve each puzzle. For example, there’s a dangerous scythe trap which allows you to attempt three tricky puzzles within the time limit. Failing to do so will trigger the trap, and the scythe will descend rapidly and chop the person lying below the trap. Other traps include tripwire-shotgun traps, which blows one’s head when entangled. The shotgun trap and few others can be used by the player himself to set traps for enemies. You can learn hints and tips for combat and setting traps in Bright hub’s Saw Hints and Tips article.

Besides puzzle-based ambushes, players will also have to fight with enemies. Combat is similar to old school PSX and PS2 horror games like Silent Hill. On a PS3, gamers have to switch to combat stance by pressing the L2 and by using one weapon, they can inflict light or heavy attacks by pressing the square or X button. The hack and slash combat is too easy, though it is deemphasized in Saw: The Game. Nevertheless, players can select various weapons as they progress through each levels. Compared to puzzles, combat looks very weak and is only included for the sake of adding variety to the Saw video game. If you do not like melee fights, you can opt to set different traps including trip wires, poison traps and remote mines to eliminate enemies. While this aspect of Saw: The Game is very interesting, there’s no particular challenge in luring the bad guys. The AI is pretty weak and may easily fall into your ambushes.

Overall, the Saw video game is much like Silent Hill, except few polished puzzles and clever entrapments. It is an excellent horror ‘puzzle’ game, which might appeal those who are bored with hack and slash horror games.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Saw: The Game is a dark atmospheric horror game with some excellent visuals. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3 and provides detailed visuals, which can be too disturbing for the weak heart. While movies tend to pan the camera away from any gory death scenes, Saw video game does not hesitate to show extreme graphic visuals. There might be some loading issues with the textures and bland combat animations, but overall, the dark ambience and gory visuals certainly makes Saw an excellent horror title.

Saw Video Game Screen Shots

Sound (4 out of 5)

The asylum echoing with prisoners’ moans and cries can be very depressing and creepy. The soundtrack is less appealing and added just to accompany the ambient puzzle and boss levels. However, when you are on the verge of solving a puzzle, the background music adds to the anxiety and blends perfectly well with the scenario. The voice of Jigsaw certainly sends shivers down spine, thanks to Tobin Bell, who played Jigsaw in the movies. The best way to experience the creepiness of the game is to play Saw video game in the dark, with your head phones turned on.

Overall (5 out of 5)

Saw video game is an excellent horror puzzler that ensures superb gripping moments. The game will certainly appeal those who are looking for games that require observational skills, intelligence and quick thinking. Players who like Silent Hill type of games will enjoy its creepiness, puzzles and visuals.